Queen Elizabeth ll Passes Away



The Queen of England died on Thursday Sept. 8, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. (BST). The news of her passing came startling and sudden to the world, and as a panic to England.

Queen Elizabeth ll was one of the most inspiring and beloved monarchs in England’s history. The Queen started her reign in 1953 when she was 25, and sat on the throne of England for 7 decades.

The Queen’s health, at the age of 96, started to decline. She passed away at the glorious age of 96, leaving her country and the rest of the world in utter shock.

She was visiting the Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The Queen loved Balmoral Castle and frequently lived there during the year from Summer to the end of Autumn. 

The morning of her death, reports were sent to the public explaining the Queen’s declining health, and that she was placed on medical supervision. The Queen died peacefully later that day, leaving behind a 7 decade legacy as one of the most loved monarchs in history.

After the word spread about the Queen’s death, condolences were sent towards the grieving country of England and the Royal Family. World leaders reached out giving their support to the people, and the family of the Queen.

The Queen’s eldest son started his reign as King Charles lll shortly thereafter. Having been named the heir to the throne at the age of 3, the King is the longest serving heir in history, and the oldest to take the throne at the age of 73. 

Although the Queen has passed on, her memory is far from it. Millions of lives were touched during her 70 year long rule. Her namesake, Queen Elizabeth l, was also a beloved monarch, and the Queen lived up to this legacy,  by being fair and compassionate towards her people. The Queen was one of the most cherished rulers in Britain’s history, and she will never be forgotten.