Have You Met the Journalism Advisor?

Mrs. Pisciotta, AKA Mrs. P, has been the Journalism Class Advisor since last year. She has made a huge impact here at the Big House. She teaches AP English 11 to juniors, and just recently became the Fall ASB Director! With her constant dedication and involvement with Casa, she has helped students thrive. She has two children, Zac and Hayley with her husband Chris. She runs on coffee — specifically an iced black coffee with no cream. She also loves a good Diet Coke; you’ll always catch her with a coke in the afternoon. 

Where is Mrs. P from?

Mrs. P is from Southern California, where she was born and raised there. She first moved up to Sonoma County to go to college at Sonoma State University where she met her husband. 

Mrs. P as a Youngster

Mrs. P attended Mira Costa High School in Southern California. She played lacrosse and was the editor for her school newspaper. More precisely, the FIRST female sports editor. Some days, she would be at her school until midnight editing papers! She drove a green Ford Explorer that had not just one or two CD changers, but five! Mrs. P always knew she wanted to be a teacher. However, she fought it for a while. But after giving in, she realized she was “born to be a teacher.”

Why did Mrs. P Choose the Big House?

Mrs. P fell in love with Sonoma County since she came here for college. When she and her husband graduated from Sonoma State, they relocated back to Los Angeles. Mrs. P started her teaching career at Lawndale as an English teacher; where she later on became an intervention specialist for the school. After being in Southern California for a while, her husband got a promotion up north in Sonoma County, and he took it without hesitation. She was incredibly happy to be back; she has many friends up here and was excited to start at the Big House after hearing all the positive things about the school and students. She was also stoked about the short commute to school, since it took her about an hour to get to her old school because of the infamous Los Angeles traffic. 

Mrs. P’s Hobbies 

Mrs. P loves camping; her family has a trailer and they go camping quite often. During the COVID-19 quarantine, Mrs. P discovered a love for making charcuterie boards. She enjoyed it so much, she made an instagram account to post her beautiful creations. You can visit this account at @charKATEerie_assortedboards.

Mrs. P’s Advice to CG Students

If you have determination you can do it, even if that means faking it, for a while, till you make it.

  “I honestly love what I do and I know I was born for this. ”

— Katie Pisciotta