The Planning of Homecoming


Photo by CGHS ASB

Casa Grande’s “Once Upon A Time” Homecoming will be hosted from 7-10 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 8. The ASB class has been planning for weeks during their class period so that Homecoming will be a magical night for everyone to enjoy. 

“The ASB class is split into committees to plan for different aspects of Homecoming.” Says ASB President Emely Rosales Cruz, explaining how the ASB class has been preparing. 

Rosales Cruz states that the ASB class decided on Once Upon A Time at a summer meeting when they were discussing the theme for the Homecoming.

“We were discussing themes that would be cute, and easy to decorate. It was actually Bianca who came up with Once Upon A Time,” says Rosales Cruz, crediting ASB Treasurer Bianca Conroy with suggesting the theme for the dance.

When asked what has been planned for homecoming so far, Rosales explains that the dance will provide many different amenities to create a fun and enjoyable environment for students.

“We’re going to have complimentary food, I assume we are selling food as well. We’re going to have an outdoor space for people to cool off. Obviously, the dance and the music, we’re also going to have cornhole and a complimentary lounge area if you want to get away from all the madness going on,” says Rosales Cruz.

ASB students have been tirelessly planning the dance, and Rosales Cruz explains that there will be chaperones and volunteers that will be there helping out and working the dance so that the ASB students can enjoy the dance as well.

“There are chaperones and volunteers that will be taking a huge role throughout the dance just so we can also enjoy it, but we do have ASB students checking people in,” says Rosales Cruz.

In the past, some students have often been skeptical about going to Homecoming. Some may not have even attended a homecoming at all. Rosales Cruz suggests that students should attend the dance, and that all students should have the opportunity to enjoy it.

“Don’t overthink it. Some people think homecoming is this big, scary, and intimidating thing, but students should just enjoy it. Go in with a good mindset and understand that ASB worked very hard to plan it. That we do it for them, for the student body, and we just want them to have a good time,” Rosales Cruz states.

Homecoming is an iconic dance where students can celebrate the start of a new school year. Whether they attend or not, students should enjoy the night with their friends, and thank ASB for all the hard work the class puts into making this homecoming a night to remember.


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