Let’s Binge!

Lets Binge!

Are you looking for a new show to binge this fall or maybe just something to watch while getting your mountains of homework done? Well here’s a few shows that your peers think you may enjoy.

NOTE: The top 10 choices took in over 70% of the votes as the rest remained scattered amongst the 50 possible choices they chose from.

Coming in first at the top of the list we have…

Breaking Bad (21.2%)

Breaking Bad is a 2008 TV series on Netflix with 5 seasons. The show is a crime drama about an underpaid chemistry teacher in New Mexico named Walter White. Recently struggling with the diagnosis of stage 3 lung cancer, he turns to a life of crime, teaming up with one of his high school students, Jesse. 

“I like the characters, and how each development of them becomes so complex, spreading from evil, irrational, to morality.” (Mason Cooper, Grade 12)

Gilmore Girls (8.3%)

Gilmore Girls is a 2000’s teen dramedy on Netflix with 7 seasons. The show follows the life of a coffee loving single mom named Lorelai who had her kid as a teenager and her now smart teenage daughter Rory’s high school experience. 

Stranger Things (6.9%)

Stranger Things is a science fiction mystery drama series on Netflix based in the 1980’s with 4 current seasons. The show initially follows three boys — Lucas, Dustin, and Mike, searching for their missing friend Will and come across a girl with a shaved head in the woods. Issues start to rise soon realizing that the girl is an escapee from a government laboratory and nothing is as it seems. 

“I love how it’s not childish yet not over sophisticated or boring. Especially how we see things that obviously can’t happen yet are filmed in a way that seems so realistic.” (Liliah Fellman, grade 9)

Outer banks (6.8%)

Outer Banks is a Netflix young adult drama starring a group of teenagers living on the coast of the Carolinas. When ones father goes missing and a boat with a body inside washes up after a storm, chaos ensues in an epic hunt for gold. The story conveys an intriguing mystery with the perfect splash of that summer beachy feeling. 

“It does a great job keeping you hooked with the mystery and action.” (Mariah Affonso, grade 12)

Peaky Blinders (6.3%)

Peaky Blinders is a british crime drama on the crime gangs after the first world war. When clashing happens between two rival gangs heads start to spin while dealing with the backlash and struggles of life after WWi 

“It has a good rivalry that matches with an almost Victorian era vibe.” (Peter Carpenter, Grade 11)

The Originals (5.2%)

The Originals is a show based on the lives of the 5 original vampires living in New Orleans. When someone comes back from their past with shocking news a truce is broken. 

Cobra Kai (5.2%)

Cobra Kai is a spin off of the Karate Kid movie franchise; it is a fresh clash with the new generation. Now as adults in this comedy drama, Johnny and Daniel live two very different lives in the same town peacefully until a situation sparks between Johnny’s neighbor/student and Daniel’s daughter causing the old rivalry between them to flare back up. 

“It’s really good with the way it keeps the action going every episode.” (Cole Johnson, grade 10)

Squid Game (4.4%)

Squid Game is a South Korean survival drama where a group of people are offered money to play a survival game disguised as children’s games leading into a hunger-games-like show as they try and struggle to stay alive as the players and game masters become increasingly murderous.

“I thought it was really interesting the way it had so much suspense. (Joseph Sigmann, grade 10)

All American (3.1%)

All American is a CW-TV sports drama based on the teenage lifestyle of a famous NFL player, Spencer Paysinger in Los Angeles. 

“I enjoy the realistic aspects of life it shows us when watching and how relatable it can be.” (Sierra McMichael, grade 12)

The Good Place (3.1%)

The Good Place is a sitcom series starring Kristen Bell as a woman who has died and has now ended up in their version of ‘The Good Place’ except she was never a good person on earth and has been mistaken under a different identity. So how did she end up here?