The Closing of YogurtWorld USA


On Sonoma Mountain Parkway, next to Chunky’s Taqueria and Pizza Guys,  lies a monument to an old memory for many. This is YogurtWorld USA, a once family-owned business that is now closing down. With yogurt, ice cream, shaved ice, and sundaes, this place had once served as a perfect spot for anyone looking to satisfy their sweet tooth. 

Created in 1992, this business has been successful for over 30 years to date. It was located near Kenilworth Junior High School, always attracting hordes of students who would laugh, eat, and gossip over their lives, all while enjoying the delicious confections this location offered.

While this restaurant’s menu has a large variety of choices, there was always one flavor many people were especially drawn to: rainbow sherbet. Whether it was a hot summer day or just a pick-me-up after school, Yogurt World USA’s rainbow sherbet ice cream never failed to hit the spot. This flavor consisted of the perfect mixture of raspberry, orange and lime. Normally, people don’t love super fruity ice cream flavors. However, after the first taste of this flavor, many find themselves ordering it every single time. Not only does Yogurt World USA have a variety of flavors, but they have many topping choices as well. Ranging from rainbow sprinkles to graham crackers, this business was appealing to people of all ages. 

“My kids went to school at Corona Creek Elementary and then went on to Kenilworth Junior High School. Quite often I would pick both of them up from school and one would ask, ‘Can we go get ice cream?’ Naturally, I took them to the nearest place which happened to be Yogurt World USA. We were always greeted with a warm welcome; I had no idea that I would bring my kids here for the next several years,” said Jody Martin, a parent of a CGHS student.

While the Petaluma Community is deeply saddened to see this business go, the students, parents, and people of this community will forever cherish the memories it gave.