The Homecoming Game: Gauchos Slay the Sonoma Valley Dragons


The Casa Grande Gauchos faced the Sonoma Valley Dragons in the Homecoming game. With both varsity squads in the midst of a two game losing streak, the hunger for a win was greater than usual. Led by a smooth offensive game plan and a stifling defense, the Gauchos began the weekend’s Homecoming festivities on an extremely high note.

Casa quarterback Wyatt Abramson and the offense were quick to get on the board. Within the first four minutes of the opening quarter, Abramson had led the offensive unit into the end zone. Following a three-and-out from the Dragons, they were forced to punt. Casa’s defense made its presence known as they blocked the punt, giving the offense great field position. Two plays later, the Gauchos once again scored. After missing two extra point kicks, the Gauchos were up 12-0.

Things continued to get worse for the Dragons, and better for the Gauchos. After another lackluster attempt from the Dragons’ offensive unit, the Gauchos once again had the ball. They scored within a matter of plays, thanks to an impressive scoring run from senior Ryder Jacobson, who has the most touchdowns this season (6 and counting). Just like the previous drives, the Gauchos’ defense bottled up the Dragons’ offense. Right before the end of the first quarter, the Gauchos scored again. After a dominating opening quarter, the Gauchos were ahead 25-0.

The defense continued to provide excitement for the enthusiastic Casa crowd. An interception set the table for the highlight of the game. Senior wide receiver Spencer Almond pulled in a beautiful throw from quarterback Abramson that electrified the sideline and the crowd. An elated touchdown celebration then ensued. The Gauchos had ballooned their lead to 32-0, and they were having a blast. The Gauchos cruised their way into the half with a remarkable 39-0 cushion.

As the Gauchos headed to the locker rooms after their first half showcase, the Homecoming representatives were introduced. The winners were the Broadly Literate candidate Avery King, Civically Engaged candidate Stella Conroy, Highly Employable candidate Emberly Phetphadoung, and Personal Vision candidate Ryann Laubscher. All four representative winners were given a box containing a rose. There were three white roses and one red rose. The red rose indicated the overall winner, and Laubscher revealed the coveted red rose as the crowd erupted with glee. Everyone appreciated the joyful display, and the crowd was pumped for the second half. 

The third quarter opening kick-off summed up the night the Dragons were having. The kick hooked to the right, barely traveling 15 yards forward. Nevertheless, the Gauchos had the ball and were looking to add to their lead. In a blink of an eye, senior Ethan Bucy tip-toed the sideline on his way to a touchdown. The defense of the Dragons had no answers for the Gauchos’ offense, and the score was 46-0. 

At the start of the final quarter, the score remained 46-0. The offensive action from the Gauchos had tempered down as they felt the win getting closer and closer. Yet, they continued to find their way into the end zone. The Gauchos would score one more touchdown, applying the finishing touches to an astonishing 53-0 win. The Gauchos will look to keep the good vibes rolling on senior night as they take on Napa High School on Friday Oct. 14th.