Critically Acclaimed Author Adam Silvera Visits CGHS


The renowned author Adam Silvera, comes and joins the Gauchos in the multi purpose room to talk about his new book, They Both Die At the End. Alongside a staff member at Copperfields, he is able to put together a Q&A at Casa Grande High School and Copperfields. 

Silvera’s new book, The First to Die at the End, is a new addition to his collection of works. By the end of his speech, many people wanted to buy his book and have it signed. Writing since he was 11 years old, Silvera’s books have been trending amongst teens and have been extremely successful.

Around the same time, he started writing fanfiction for the first time. Fanfiction is taking already existing characters or realities and making them into the authors with their twist on it. It is from another existing piece of media, whether it was a movie, film, book, or series. Ironically, there are hundreds of fanfictions made of Silvera’s books, which Silvera found quite fascinating. 

Silvera was also enthralled with the Harry Potter series and X-Men when he was growing up. He was charmed by the supernatural, and how they interacted with the regular world.

During his speech, Silvera talked about how he connects his books with real life experiences. One of the characters in his book has a loved one pass from a terrorist attack. In addition, the people in his book have a constant fear that they will die at any given moment, which connects back to Silvera’s childhood. When he was 11, he was living in New York City when the terrifying terrorist attack, 9/11, happened. Two months after this terrorist attack that killed so many, his favorite uncle died in a plane crash on the way to Dominican Republic. Anxiety was a main theme that occurred throughout Silvera’s life. With a great fear of his plane crashing, his anxiety followed him into his adulthood. But he weaved that theme directly into his books. And Silvera believes that this is what makes a good writer: connecting books with personal spice. 

While speaking to the Gauchos, Silvera implied that he not only writes about his current self in characters, but the person he aspires to be. He told students how he would rewrite the Hunger Games with a twist of his own.

In his speech, Silvera talks about whether or not he was in favor of signing up for his fantasy books program, Deathcast. Deathcast is a program that lets characters know what day they die. If the character signs up, they will know when they die, how they die and vice versa.

Although Silvera’s books have been a success, the journey was extremely difficult and uneasy. His last book took months to get accepted by the publisher. Writing is harder than it looks. He has rewritten many books, creating an ambition that he was willing to put forth.

Now, Silvera is a successful writer traveling the world, likely looking for a new story to add to his collection of novels.