Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Citizens around Petaluma have been participating in different events around town in support of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

October began being recognized as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 1985. This was to encourage women to have mammograms so that they could detect if the women had breast cancer early on in its stages. In the modern day, the month is still recognized to screen for the disease, as well as raise money and educate people for the cause.

People around the world often recognize the pink ribbon as a sign for breast cancer; pink is the chosen color because of its femininity, and how its soothing, calm tones show a glimmer of hope in the face of the awful disease. The powerful symbol provides awareness and a support network for women around the globe. A pink ribbon also honors those who have lost to breast cancer, those who have survived breast cancer, and those still currently fighting the cancer. 

At Casa Grande High School, students have gone all out in their pink in support of the month. Cheerleaders have traded out their green and gold pom-poms and hairbows for the sparkly pink shine. On the field, football players sport their pink socks as well. However, the movement doesn’t just stop in athletics. To conclude the Homecoming Spirit Week this year, the Gauchos had a schoolwide “Pink Day.” Classrooms and hallways were flooded with the pinks of T-shirts, shorts, necklaces, socks and scarves.

The movement doesn’t stop in Casa Grande; it’s all over the place. Park Fit Petaluma is hosting workout classes throughout the month to raise donations to go to cancer survivors in need of financial support. Other flower shops sell special bouquets for survivors, and some donate a percentage of their profits to further breast cancer research. 

Supporting the movement by donating, informing others, getting screened, or even just simply wearing the color pink can make a big difference.