Renowned YouTube Sensation “Dream” Reveals His Face to the Public for the First Time


Critically acclaimed YouTube star “Dream” revealed his face to his millions of fans and supporters in a video just three Sundays ago.

The video, simply titled “hi, I’m Dream”, has received over 39 million views over the course of the week and was #1 on YouTube Trending for two days straight. Millions of fans and Youtubers alike recorded their reactions to his reveal and rejoiced at this historic event in internet history.

Dream has been a part of the YouTube community since early 2014, though his videos and content didn’t begin gaining traction until late 2019 and 2020. His most popular video series is his “Minecraft Manhunt” videos, in which he tries to beat Minecraft as fast as possible while a posse of other players chases after him and tries to kill him before he can finish. Dream is also responsible for maintaining and overseeing the Dream SMP (Survival Multiplayer) server which hosts a variety of other Minecraft YouTubers and has its own historical timeline, system of government, and everything.

For the greater part of his time on YouTube, Dream remained hidden from view. He never recorded videos with a face camera — he would only use his microphone audio. Anytime he appeared in person or on camera, he concealed his face with a cartoonish white face mask and a yellow sweatshirt.

But with rising encouragement from his audience and an increasing amount of intelligence being collected on what he looked like and his whereabouts, Dream finally made the decision to reveal his face this month.

Being a YouTube star, , a face reveal, announcement or video of some kind, is a pretty big milestone and is usually done very early into their development as a creator. However, in the case of Dream, he waited a whopping 8 years before he even remotely considered doing such a thing. He managed to keep his identity a secret for quite a while, even as his fandom grew exponentially and became more and more obsessed with him and his private, off-screen life.

Also surrounding this massive event was a great number of fake but comedic satirical parodies of the different reactions of other YouTubers. This was seen with the “reactions” of creators such as electrical engineer and roboticist Michael Reeves, and the well-known sensation KSI. These two and others published videos of their “reactions” to Dream’s face reveal, often with comical or questionable images being used in place of Dream’s face.

Dream’s face reveal will forever be embossed in the internet’s historical record, and will certainly take its place in the hall of fame with other great events and accomplishments for years to come.