Meet the Casa Grande Coffee Club!

What started as a mere conversation between a student and a teacher has now evolved into a sweeping sensation at Casa Grande High School. The newly formed Casa Grande Coffee Club has been drawing the eyes (and stomachs) of many students, teachers, and even Petaluma residents with their Iced Casa Grandes and other alluring drinks. 

During the 2021-2022 school year, Casa Grande Senior, Diego Carranco,  would spend the moments before school talking with Mr. Creighton along with Mr. Leicham while drinking coffee. This shared love for coffee brewed a much larger conversation that led the group to the theoretical idea of a club for other coffee enthusiasts on school campus.

“The idea of a Coffee Club got born out of those early morning conversations and we all thought: well what if…” stated Creighton

Little did they know that this would lead into the growing business that is blossoming and emerging at Casa Grande today. So at the beginning of this school year, the group finally said “Let’s do it.”

Since then, the club has flourished and grown in numbers, with nearly 130 active members. In general, meetings are held on A-Day Fridays, with the exception of weeks where the club must plan for upcoming events that they are scheduled to sell coffee beverages at. One of the club’s first big events was Senior Night for the Gaucho Football Team, during which the club saw very pleasant results with a great turnout. More recently, the club set themselves up for success at the annual “Egg-Bowl.” Each branch of the club—brewing, roasting, and business/media marketing—had high expectations for the game. 

The main attraction for their stand was set to be the “Iced Casa Grandes,” and many students were eager to be serving coffee at the game. However, club advisor Todd Creighton had lingering doubts.

“It was a day game, so we thought we’d give it a try. We were not sure how much we were going to sell. The weather was kind of weird: it wasn’t hot enough for the Iced Casa Grandes to be perfect, but it wasn’t cold enough for the coffee to be good enough.”

Despite the “typical craziness,” the Egg-Bowl was a great success for the young club. They sold coffee from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., during which the stand attracted a large variety of people who were intrigued by the stand and dying to get their hands on a hot cup of joe.

“We got to meet a lot of people that we wouldn’t have before.” said Creighton

The club now reportedly has many people who are interested in buying their very own roasted coffee when it becomes available.

“People are starting to recognize us.” remarked Creighton

This promising club doesn’t plan to stop there, for they have their eyes set on multiple upcoming events at Casa, such as the upcoming Holiday Fair that usually takes place around mid-December. Students can’t wait to see what they come up with next.