Club Spotlight: What is Red Nose Club?

Red Nose Club, a long standing organization at Casa Grande, stems from the fundraising campaign, Red Nose Day.

The main goal of Red Nose Day is to end child poverty through the funding of various programs that work to keep children safe, healthy, educated, and empowered. According to their website, Red Nose Day states, “Through the power of entertainment, we bring people together to laugh and have fun, while raising money and awareness to ensure all children are safe, healthy, educated, and empowered in the U.S. and abroad.” Since the launch of their campaign, Red Nose Day has raised over $324 million and have influenced the lives of over 30 million children, nationally and internationally. 

The red nose, the campaign’s symbol, acts as a way for participants to show their support. They are available for purchase at retailers around the country. The proceeds of the noses are then used to power various programs and opportunities that positively impact childrens’ lives.

Red Nose Club, headed by senior Kelsey Ferrando, works to raise awareness for this campaign. “We are all about raising awareness for children living in poverty” says Ferrando. Club meetings are held every A-day Monday in E-14. This club is advised by Becky Andersen. 

“Red Nose Club is just a smaller version of Red Nose Day. Our community of Casa Grande students can get involved” says Ferrando. The club holds bake sales and sells goods at the holiday faire. “We are currently trying to organize a walkathon or some type of online fundraiser.” 

During meetings, a sense of community is built. “We just talk and catch up with each other. The purpose of our club is very important, but we are also just trying to meet new people and make friends” tells Ferrando. 

Ferrando was introduced to this club by current senior Milan Popovic. She is now going on six years of involvement with this campaign and club, three of which she was president of the club at Casa Grande for. 

When asked what she would tell someone who wanted to join the club, Ferrando says “Children living in poverty is a really big issue that a lot of people struggle with. The whole idea of the club is to just give back and be cognizant of the fact that poverty isn’t just a national problem, but can be a local one as well.”

Red Nose Club encourages those who want to donate to this cause to donate directly to the campaign itself, Red Nose Day.