BREAKING: New Bathroom Pass Policy Instituted at Casa Grande; administration hopes to combat issues of previous semester


Photo by Owen Davis

As the second semester has begun, a new bathroom policy has been put in place with the goal of combatting a plethora of issues reported by teachers and students last semester.

Due to the misuse of the previous method of the pass, teachers noticed long gaps in students’ trips to the bathroom. This created a line and long wait to go to the bathroom, causing lessened concentration and understanding of classes. Last semester’s method made use of a sheet to track the students’ trips to the bathroom. This worked for the most part, but was also found to be susceptible to being taken advantage of and misused. 

As this was noticed, the new policy addresses more recognizable problems that were seen last semester. In every classroom, there is now a pass with a lanyard that is marked with the recognizable color and classroom that it is from a specific area of campus. This now helps people recognize that the student is not in the right area and prevents false bathroom breaks. 

Teachers have started to use the pass in their classrooms, and many have kept to using both methods, creating a much more precise way of keeping track of students’ trips to the bathroom. Which creates less crowded and busy hallways during class time. This new policy improves on last semester’s pass, due to the extra authority that is given to each student as they leave the classroom. The semester continues on with the passes now in full effect. Hopefully, this will create a more seamless and reliable bathroom break system for many generations of students to come.