M3GAN: The Funniest New Horror Movie Out There

Released within the first week of 2023, the movie M3GAN, brought laughter, cringing, and fear to everyone in the audience. 

The trailer for M3GAN launched in late 2022, immediately going viral to the tune of “It’s Nice to Have a Friend” by Taylor Swift. In the trailer, it showed a young girl losing her parents, and going to live with her aunt, who is an engineer at a toy company. The aunt brings the girl home with a new prototype for an android friend, but it soon backfires, as the android, M3GAN, starts to bring harm towards others. 

After watching the trailer I was intrigued by how bad it looked. A singing, dancing and murdering doll? How was that going to be good cinema? However, after watching it, the movie is now one of my all time favorites. 

It was clear that the directors knew how ridiculous the premise was and they played directly off of that. There were scenes where there was such awkward tension and second hand embarrassment that the only thing an audience could do was laugh. For example, M3GAN would randomly start singing or dancing, in a way that wouldn’t match the mood of the scene. 

To be fair, this “it’s so bad that it’s good” type of humor is exactly my personality. By talking to other people with different humor, I’ve learned that to them, these “funny” scenes were just plain cringeworthy. 

Aside from comedy, M3GAN is mainly a horror genre film. Although there were moments I was holding back tears from laughing so hard, there were also moments where my friends and I were holding each other in fear. 

There was not too much gore, but even the little bits scared me. There was also a lot of intense suspense and wondering what was going to happen next. Other parts just gave off creepy and eerie vibes, giving me chills even though I was wearing a sweater. 

This perfect ratio of fear and laughter overall made the movie spectacular in my opinion. It’s one that’s good to go see with a good group of friends and one that I’ll definitely be watching again.