A Walk in Penngrove

Embedded in Sonoma County, a small town called Penngrove is home to about 2,368 Californians. Penngrove contains many markets, shops, restaurants and more. Many people that work or live in Penngrove are small business owners. 

I went to visit some of these small businesses in the heart of the town. Walking down Petaluma Hill Road, I enjoyed the scenery of the rustic buildings and thrilling blue skies, as I visited many favorite local businesses there.

Penngrove Thrift is a thrift store in the center of town. This store, owned by Angela Faustino, and is a fun shop to find clothes, books, and various antiques and curiosities. The welcoming aura of the store also offers many old CDs and an assortment of music to listen to.

Penngrove Superburger, located right by the popular Penngrove Market, holds a variety of different burgers, milkshakes, fries and more. It is a popular location with great portions of food that are well liked by locals.

Hello Penngrove is a home, family, and gift shop located right off of Main street. They offer a plethora of homemade items that specialize in local products and attire.

Twin Oaks is a family-friendly, outdoor restaurant. The restaurant contains many kinds of burgers and southern barbecue like their commonly known Chicken tenders and barbecue sauce.

If you ever visit Penngrove, even just for a getaway or day trip, these are some of the most popular and best rated restaurants and shops.