Petaluma vs. Casa: A Storied Basketball Rivalry


“BasketBall – score” by j9sk9s is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

On Jan. 30, 2023, Casa Grande had a game against Petaluma High School. Rivals go face off against each other once again! Kyle Carlson, a Casa Grande High School junior on the varsity basketball team, is very hyped for his upcoming game against Petaluma. 

Before the game, Carlson said, “I’m going to eat a banana before the game starts, so I can have some potassium.” 

Carlson believes that his team is ready to take on the “heat” against Petaluma. His team is up for it and ready to take that win! The Gauchos have been waiting and practicing for this moment to come. They’re all prepared to play them. 

Tristan Johnson is another Casa Grande High School sophomore that is a junior varsity basketball player and he is very excited for this game. Johnson’s family is going to support him. 

The Junior Varsity team has put in so much effort and time into this game. Compared to their last home game it was 58 to 60 and took a loss by one point. They were able to take that game on Jan. 30, and then the junior varsity team was able to take the win and finished with a score of 63-53. There was a lot of excitement when Casa’s junior varsity team won against Petaluma High School.

As for the varsity team, no matter the excitement or support Casa’s team had, their game finished with the team losing by 14 points (46 to 74). The varsity Casa team went on strong but Casa Grande varsity will continue to go strong in the next game. 

Casa’s next game will be on Feb. 6 against Sonoma Valley High School, which will be their senior game.