SPOTLIGHT: Casa Grande Dance Team


Photo by Kaiya Aguilar

Casa Grande’s Dance Team, led by senior Nazia Quadir, has been a long-standing club for many years and is for anyone who enjoys dancing and wants to share that passion with others. 

As a member since her freshman year of high school, Quadir recounts her passion for dance as well as the intricacies of running this team. “I became interested in dance much earlier than freshman year. I started ballet lessons when I was 12 at a local studio. From there, I started learning styles like contemporary and jazz. I started to become interested in hip hop when I started dancing competitively,” Quadir says.

In addition to leading all practices, the routines that are performed are partly choreographed by Quadir herself or re-performed from previous years. “A couple of [the routines] are crowd favorites or routines that I especially love performing. Making sure that the routines stay at a level where it is possible for us to learn it, clean it, and perform it all with the time we have to practice is difficult at times, but it’s all worth it when we get out there.”

Senior Devon Gramajo also adds on how practices function. “My team has become a small little family that always gets along and has the best laughs. We always leave sweaty and dehydrated, but that’s how you know you’re putting in the hard work.”

Being a part of the extremely active club entails practices two days a week for a few hours per practice, as well as performing at sports games, as well as other school events. Most recently, the team performed at Casa’s boys basketball game against Justin Sienna on Feb. 1. 

After an amazing and crowd pleasing performance, members of the dance team were able to share their thoughts about being part of it all and performing.

“[Performing] is amazing. It’s definitely definitely worth it for that relaxation right after but it’s very fun,” says Chelsea Williams. 

“My nerves after are always very high, but performing is definitely one of my favorite parts of being on the team,” says Sarah Williams. 

“The team itself, it’s my favorite part; being a part of something larger than myself and coming together with people who have the same interests as you. Also, just the experience, the laughs and the moment of knowing that you hit every move on beat,” says Devon Gramajo.

When collectively asked what their favorite part about being on the team was, the resounding answer was performing. The emotional high that comes with being in front of a live audience is irreplicable. 

Dance team will be holding auditions this coming spring for the 2023-2024 team. Quadir and Gramajo both urge anyone who is interested to try out. “You should join! It’s great because even though it’s just a club, you make great friends and great memories doing it,” says Quadir. Gramajo adds, “Please try out, you won’t regret it! It can take up a lot of time sometimes, but never have I regretted being on the team. Whether it’s your first time dancing or you have experience, try out. Being on the dance team is one of those things that will stick with you forever.”