REVIEW: “You People”, a Netflix Film


Over the weekend, I, like many of you ,had the chance to watch Netflix’s hit new rom-com You People, starring Jonah Hill, Eddie Murphy, and Lauren London showing the struggles Hill and London’s characters’ relationship goes through when having to meet the parents of their significant other. The movie gives a lighthearted take on the real life issues many multi race/religion couples face in their day to day lives along with their families opinions and approval in a comical way. It shows the bonding of family and culture while having to make their way through the stereotypes and overbearing parents. 

I’ve read many reviews saying they thought the movie felt a bit long and rushed in the end and that I will agree with them on how it felt like they were just trying to tie all up all the loose ends very quickly towards the ending of the film. Many critics said it was awkward but I feel like it was just the right amount of awkwardness. You could feel the tension and realness through the screen that’s so prominent within the world nowadays when speaking about subjects such as race, religion, or parental aspects.

It is definitely someone you have to be open minded about when watching.