Casa Grande Gets Ready for ‘Starry Night’ Themed Junior Formal Event


Just last week, Casa Grande ASB announced that they will be hosting the first ever Junior Formal. This news swept the student body by storm. 

The formal will be on Friday, March 3, 2023 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. It will be held in Ellington Hall at 3535 Industrial Drive in Santa Rosa. There will only be 300 tickets sold and they will be offered from February 21 to the day of the dance, March 3. The tickets will cost $55 without an ASB sticker and $50 with an ASB sticker. They will be sold at lunch and after school in E-11. Only Casa Grande juniors can purchase tickets during the first week of ticket sales; during the second week, other grades and students from other schools can purchase tickets. 

Also, an exciting new option of purchasing tickets has been offered to students. Attendees can now order tickets online through the website “5star.” Casa has never done this before, but it is a refreshing and accessible option. The online option will be emailed to all juniors on February 21, the same day as physical ticket sales. 

The theme will be “Starry Night,” and it has been claimed that it will be, “A night to remember; we have put in the work and are super excited for you guys to see what we have planned.”

Ava Naworski, an ASB member and junior adds, “It’s going to be great; it all seemed to work out perfectly in the end.”

Juniors are starting to get on board and are excited to buy dresses, make plans, and get together with their class and friends. ASB hopes to see you there!