REVIEW: The Curious Incident of a Dog in the Nighttime


Photo by Owen Davis

The Curious Incident of a Dog in the Nighttime is an interesting book written by Mark Haddon. The storyline of this novel revolves around a special main character named Christopher Boone. Christopher is no ordinary teen; he regularly struggles with autism and neuro-divergency.

As the book is full of mysteries, Haddon puts forth an effort to emphasize the different perspectives of Christopher’s condition as he navigates through the challenges he faces throughout his life as a teenager. 

During Christopher’s early teenage years, things in his orderly, everyday life change. With his mother gone, Christopher struggles even more with communication, facial expressions, and people’s sarcasm.

Throughout the book, Christopher reveals a vast discovery of his personal life’s mysteries while struggling to adapt to understanding people due to his neuro-divergency. 

Christopher discovers the murder of his neighbor’s dog Wellington. He fled the crime scene in hope of helping Wellington even though he was already dead. Christopher starts to write and illustrate a novel to solve Wellington’s case. He is rather proficient at math and is a visual learner. He uses these critical thinking techniques to solve Wellington’s murder case while also finding clues to his own life’s mystery.

Casa student Jack Giomi says, “The book has a great ending and is so good.” Jack has been reading this in Mrs. Martin’s 10th grade English class. The class is studying this novel to learn more about autism and different storytelling styles.

Haddon is the author of many award winning novels like Boom, The Purpoise, and A Spot of Bother. Many reviews have complimented his English literature. Some of the awards this British writer and novelist has won include the Guardian Prize, The Whitbread Award, and the Commonwealth Writers Prize Award.

Haddon expresses his feelings in this book by bringing awareness to autism and neuro-divergency. He opens a world that allows readers to understand more of the disorder while enjoying a thrilling and life-changing novel.

The Curious Incident of a Dog in the Nighttime is a must-read novel. Its exploration of the different themes and details will have you jumping out of your seat. It is a rollercoaster of different emotions and a very enjoyable read according to many people around Casa Grande High School that have read and enjoyed this novel for themselves.