8th Grade Tours Come to a Close

On Tuesday Jan. 31 and Thursday Feb. 2, Casa Grande High School welcomed 8th graders from Kenilworth Jr. High School in where they received a tour of the campus and learned about potential classes they can take at Casa Grande next year.

There were two days for students to get a chance to tour the campus, so half the students from Kenilworth went on Tuesday and the other half of students went on Thursday. They were met on campus by student ambassadors who were ready to help the future Gauchos learn more about the school and its environment. The students were split into groups and were led on tours throughout the school.

The 8th graders were brought through campus, stopping at classrooms to see how classes worked, and showing them how it would look to be in a high school class. The tours help the 8th grade students be more prepared and know what to expect when they start high school the incoming year. 

The tour groups also went in and passed by elective classes. This was highly beneficial to the students; with course sign ups closing, the students could see the electives they were considering joining, how they worked and if it resonated or sparked interest within them. 

Actually seeing these classes in action would also help students that were still struggling to pick their elective for next year, and it will help incoming students learn more about what Casa Grande will help them achieve in their future.

The student ambassadors did worked hard during these tours to create a fascinating experience for the 8th graders. They assisted by showing  these students around campus, to answer their questions and to help them understand what their future high school experience will be like.

The school year will come to an end in just a few short months, and soon, Casa Grande seniors will be leaving into the unknown and 8th grade students will enter as incoming freshman. The CGHS staff look forward to having great new students to share the school with for the 4 years that they are here.