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For this issue’s Editorial, I thought I’d mix things up a little bit with a slightly different format; one that I saw used nearly two years ago in an assignment for English class that really stood out to me. Take care and enjoy!

3 Reasons You Don’t Need an Education

  1. You already know everything. You have been granted all of the knowledge in the universe, perhaps by some otherworldly being, and you understand everything about the world and universe around you. You can speak every language. You understand every math concept and theory ever devised. You have read every single book, magazine, science journal, medical article, legislative statute and historical document in the world. You know every obscure fact about any human that has set foot on planet Earth. You even know the answer to things that have not yet been figured out by the human race: how to successfully create nuclear fusion with net energy gain, the compositions and makeup of black holes, the existence of sentient, paranormal life. And most importantly of all, you understand that the meaning of life is 42.
  2. You live in a world that already has everything figured out. In essence, you live in a utopian society. All wars have come to an end, all conflicts have been resolved and every unique idea or concept has been conceived and considered already. Education is built with the intent of teaching students information to solve problems, which in and of itself, teaches students how exactly to solve problems. But with no problems left to solve, then what purpose does such an institution serve? Why go through the trouble of learning about binomial theorem or Shakespeare when every interpretation, every opinion, every factual tidbit of trivia or information can be obtained immediately on the internet (or whatever facsimile of an internet that this utopian society has).
  3. You are perfectly content with giving up when a problem gets slightly difficult. Difficult issues are an absolute nuisance to you and you’d rather just avoid them entirely. The world’s problems are, as the name suggests, the world’s problems and not yours. You want no part of the bureaucratic and political debacles that consume global issues every day. Therefore, there is no point to trying to solve these issues. It’s far easier to give up and let the issue take hold, especially when its clear that such an issue is going to become catastrophic anyways; when there is no hope for recovery.

If any of these descriptions apply to you, by all means, drop out of high school. Skip out on that education of yours and go work at a Taco Bell or something. That is your decision.

However, if one of these feels wrong or two of these feel wrong or perhaps all three, then I beg of you, from the heart of a person who deeply cherishes and appreciates the education and information being presented to him for free, do not turn away from the prospect of this institution. Do not fall victim to the toxic machine that consumes the lives of many who believe education to be “pointless and absurd.”

Attend school. Get to your classes on time. Take notes. Learn something new. Get the education that is being so graciously provided to you by the government.

Ultimately, it is your choice. You can choose to get an education or you can choose not to. It’s as simple as that. But just remember to consider carefully and make the right choice.

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Seize the Day,




Owen Davis

Editor-in-Chief, 2022-2023