BREAKING: 1 dead, 1 injured in deadly stabbing incident at Montgomery High School


Photo by Owen Davis

At Montgomery High School on Mar. 1, a classroom altercation between students turned deadly as a fatal stabbing left one student dead and another injured. The incident occurred around 11:15 a.m. in an art classroom with approximately 30 students inside.

As students sat in their art class, two juniors barged into the classroom searching for a freshman student. A scuffle then ensued, but the teachers were able to initially break up the fight. Moments later, the freshman brandished a folding knife and proceeded to stab the two students. One of the students, Jayden Pienta, was stabbed in his upper body three times, while the other student was struck in his left hand.

The freshman then fled the scene and was eventually apprehended by the Santa Rosa Police Department (SRPD) after he was found hiding in a creek bed near the campus. The students who were stabbed made their way to the school nurse where they were immediately taken to the hospital.

Unfortunately, Pienta’s wounds proved to be fatal, and he later died at the hospital. The other junior avoided fatal wounds, and he is now on the road to recovery. Heartbroken by the loss of a student, Anna Trunell, the Santa Rosa City Schools superintendent, held a press conference.

“This is truly a sad day. The tragedy that happened here today is heartbreaking,” Trunell stated.

With this event being eerily similar to the incident that shook the Casa community last week, with only the deadly result differentiating the two, the community of Montgomery High School is demanding answers to why this happened.

There had been previous interactions with these three students that led up to the deadly altercation. At the news conference, students who were aware of the troubles between these individuals questioned why the school did not do anything to stop these concerning incidents between the individuals. Some students also claimed the school was aware of previous altercations between the students, but did nothing to stop it. 

Pienta’s aunt was filled with confusion and anger about how the school handled the affairs involving her nephew. She mentioned an incident that happened to her nephew a week before the stabbing. 

“The school didn’t do anything. They did nothing. They were reported to [the school] last week when [his] tires were slashed and there were confrontations, but they didn’t do anything,” Pienta’s aunt stated.

As this is a criminal act, there will be an investigation where the public will learn more details that explain why this event took place. At this moment, the details of this tragedy mean nothing because a young man lost his life. The community of Casa sends its condolences to Montgomery High School and the areas surrounding it. If any Casa students feel any anxiety or stress stemming from the past few weeks or are struggling with their mental health for any other reasons, there are services available for you on campus. 

The Casa administration sent out an email to reassure the community that there is help for those in need of it.

“We want to take a moment to recognize the strength and resilience of our students, staff, and community. In times like these, it is also so important to acknowledge our feelings and support one another. If you are feeling scared, overwhelmed, or anxious, please don’t suffer in silence. We are truly here for you,” stated the Casa administration in their message.

The loss of Jayden Pienta is utterly devastating and it reaffirms the potential dangers in our daily activities. As students, be cautious and aware of the things going on around you. Be safe and take care Gauchos.