Students and Teachers Rally for School Safety in Support of Montgomery High School in the Casa Grande Library


Photo by Owen Davis

On Monday, Mar. 6, Casa Grande students and faculty members met in the Big House Library to show support for Montgomery High School in light of the recent stabbing that left one student dead and another critically injured. There, students and faculty discussed the ongoing violence in local school areas and what could be done to prevent it from happening again.

The event, situated and run by Casa ASB, platformed the voices of several students who wish to see a change in the protection and safety of high school students, and it also promoted the “walk-in” and protest that will be taking place on campus on Wednesday.

The untimely death of a student at Montgomery High School in Santa Rosa and the recent violent behavior of some students on our own campus sparked the drive for our Casa community to hold this assembly.

Photo by Owen Davis

Gauchos gathered during their 2nd-period academic flex-time to debrief and talk about widespread concerns of mental health, safety, and violence in the Sonoma County high school systems.

 Voices from students of all ages, including powerful points by senior Preston Spencer, junior Mallory Morales and senior Luke Cox, reflected on the need to gather students and other faculty together to establish better protective measures and outlets at school.

The main topics that were discussed at the meeting were that there should be more counselor involvement for students, kids should be united to empower one another during these saddening situations, and more discussions should be held in classrooms to talk about the effects of violence in high school.

The assembly appeared to gather Gauchos in a positive way, where student attendees applauded and celebrated the passionate ideas of their fellow students.

Additionally, the discussion was also used as a segue for ASB and Casa students to coordinate the priorities and specifics of this Wednesday’s “Walk (IN) Support of Safety.”

The peaceful protest, which recently took place, aimed to demonstrate Casa Grande’s support for Montgomery High School and present the grievances of other students to see increased involvement from faculty and staff in the safety of this school.

Photo by Owen Davis

More information on the activities of the walk-in will be posted in a separate article.

Over 200 students and faculty members attended the gathering in the Casa Library, which was mainly directed by ASB teacher, Katie Pisciotta, and the Casa Grande ASB president, Emely Rosales.

Additional information about school safety and regulations can be found in Lila Rader’s article, “Campus Safety: Need-to-Know Tips and Advice,” and more awareness surrounding the necessities and protection of students on campus can be found through reading Gracie McFarland’s article, “An Unwelcomed Guest.”