School Spirit Improvements – Get Motivated Gauchos!


Photo by Owen Davis

Hello Gauchos! It has been an exciting and crazy year with longer school days and new rules! As we are getting closer to summer, we need to bring all Gauchos together and bring the school spirit back! Let’s try to connect with our peers and see where everyone is at. It is always good to check in on others. 

Casa has an abundance of clubs and other activities that amplify school spirit, but  individual students should promote school involvement. Students need to talk to one another and talk to teachers to build relationships. Help each other out and bring happiness to others and yourself. 

In the past, there have been individual events where school spirit was loud and proud, but spirit has been lacking during some of the more recent school spirit weeks. There are far too many Gauchos not participating in activities that are meant for everyone’s enjoyment. This needs to change quickly. 

Gauchos: it is imperative that everyone work to bring back this lost spirit. A good start would be wearing your class colors on Color by Class days. There is a sense of pride in representing your class grade, and everyone should be able to experience this feeling of satisfaction.

The student body needs to work quickly and diligently to bring back the school spirit and get the beginning-of-the-year energy back. As the end of the school year approaches, all students should cherish every moment of every day because the high school experience lasts only four years.

Bring the spirit and energy back, Gauchos! We are almost at the end of another school year, and we need to celebrate our efforts through the academic obstacles that school provides. The mission is to make every year count because high school is only experienced once in a lifetime. Cherish your classmates and enjoy the time we are here. Let’s finish this year strong and with an overwhelming amount of school spirit.