Dr. Ostermann Leaves Behind a “Grande” Legacy

In an email sent to students, parents, and staff of Casa’s community, Dr. Ostermann recently announced this will be his last year serving as principal of Casa. Although his presence on campus will be an unfortunate loss, Ostermann provided reassurance in his message, stating he will be promoted to Petaluma City Schools’ College and Career Pathways Coordinator. 

In his seven years as principal, Ostermann always worked hard to assist students and teachers when help was needed. Through the pandemic, Ostermann, with the assistance of Casa’s teachers, organized an effective way to conduct virtual learning in order to provide the most beneficial education for the students. In the latest incident on Casa’s campus regarding school safety, Ostermann provided an outlet for students and teachers to share their concerns and is now in the process of taking action to alleviate the concerns of safety. One of the noticeable changes being made to strengthen campus safety is the bathroom passes. With Ostermann determined to make school as safe as possible, more changes to school are surely on the way.     

As principal, Ostermann’s primary goal has been to develop a school of inclusivity. At every school rally, Ostermann reaffirms his belief that “everyone has a place at the Big House.” This is the motto that drives his actions as principal and he hopes every Gaucho strives to adopt this idea.

“At the heart of this motto is the belief that we are all unique, beautiful humans who bring incredible diversity and energy to everything we do, and to our incredible school, Casa Grande,” said Ostermann.

His tenure as Casa’s principal has been impressive and inspiring. His past and personal life is no different.

Ostermann grew up in Oregon and after high school, he started a career in the subject he adored: music. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree at the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles, Ostermann earned a job as a professional musician, composer, arranger, and producer. He enjoyed his success in the music industry as he captured awards for musical compositions while having the opportunity to collaborate with many wonderful artists.

Music has always and will always be one of the biggest joys in Ostermann’s life. Yet, it did not triumph his desire to be a part of youth education. Although he enjoyed his successful life as a musician, he knew being a part of education was something he needed to do. Casa’s community is thankful for his leadership through the last several years, and there is no doubt Ostermann has set up Casa for future success.