Starbucks Discontinuing Raspberry Syrup?


“Starbucks” by Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine is marked with CC0 1.0.

Being an incredibly successful company that tailors its products to the desires of the consumers, it’s unlikely that Starbucks would discontinue a publicly cherished product. Well, rumor has it that the raspberry flavor many enjoy is leaving Starbucks! With such a bold statement that will surely impact the daily lives of many individuals, it is fair to question whether this rumor is fiction or fact. 

The claim that Starbucks will discontinue the raspberry syrup, one of its signature flavorings, has been circulating on social media since March 15. This first appeared on a viral TikTok video, which exploded instantly, gaining about 500,000+ views. In the video, they revealed a printed document of what seemed to be an internal message that indicated there would be a tweak in Starbucks’ menu, with the tweak being the abandonment of raspberry syrup. 

The raspberry flavor goes with many drinks and pastries like the Raspberry Mocha Eggnog, Raspberry Iced Tea, Raspberry Chocolate Dream Frap and the Raspberry Refresher. In these drinks and pastries, they would also use the syrup to provide delightful decorations to menu items, like adding the syrup to the top of whipped cream or adding syrup around the cup of a drink.

If not for the massive discussion surrounding this rumor, some customers may have never noticed the absence of raspberry syrup. The raspberry lovers in the world, however, are not happy with the raspberry syrup option leaving Starbucks.

Even though the reason for the raspberry syrup being discontinued is not clear, one can only point to supply chain issues.

The supply chain issue, which has affected many companies, happened early 2021 and was a huge concern during the inflation surge. During this time, items and products started to get low, and it created a disparity of supply and demand, which caused prices to rise. 

Whether the raspberry syrup’s permanent disappearance is a rumor or not, Starbucks will soon reveal new spring flavors, cold brew drinks, and a special oil-infused coffee!