GALLERY: Petaluma Antique Fair

Petaluma hosted its annual Antique Fair on Sunday, April 30. Normally, the Fair is held a day after the Butter and Eggs Day Parade, but to reduce chaotic levels of traffic congestion in downtown Petaluma, the Antique Fair was held a weekend after the Butter and Eggs Day Parade. This year marked 38 years of the tradition. The Fair was filled with over 200 vendors of literally everything one could think of. The more people looked, the more they found in the endless stands along Kentucky St. It’s an antique collector’s dream. The Fair went on from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on a beautiful and sunny Sunday. Petaluma locals now look forward to and expect this unique Fair to be a great place to find cool and fascinating artifacts. Here’s a quick photo recap of what there was to see and buy.