Gaucho Sports Now – Release #9 (2022-2023)

Welcome back Gauchos to this Sports Recap for the spring semester. While we’re coming towards an end to the 22’-23’ school year, we still have a few more weeks to catch up on the variety of school sports in session and to discover what’s coming up for CGHS next year. Now, let’s talk sports!



Coming to an end of the baseball season, the Gauchos on the Casa Grande baseball team have absolutely been dominating school after school after school. This season the Gauchos have taken over first place in the Vine Valley Athletic League, and have a little over an 80% win rate overall. In state championships, the Gauchos have taken 3rd place! Coming up on the next 2 games against Napa and Sonoma, they plan on taking two more home wins, which would place CGHS in line for the league tournaments.



The Lady Gauchos this year have been hitting it out of the park this season with a 7-game streak so far and are also in first place for VVAL. Coming up the first week of May, the senior ladies are celebrating senior night and also celebrating all the work put into it so that they can finally have an outfield fence! Alongside the baseball team, the ladies will also be playing Napa and Sonoma for their next 2 games. For state championships, they have also taken 3rd place as well.


Boys Lacrosse

The lacrosse team at Casa is very well-known by students, teachers and parents. This season has been a little rocky for the Gauchos with an overall game score of 10-7 for the season. The Gauchos’ last game was on April 25 against Vintage High School and ended with a score of 18-21, with Casa Grande unfortunately losing. The boys, however, have taken 3rd place in VVAL. Nationally, the Gauchos have taken 4th place overall!


Girl Lacrosse 

The lady Gauchos here at Casa Grande have become well-known in the Petaluma community with their dominating team. This season, the ladies took home the win against Petaluma High School and came in second for VVAL. However, they came in third place nationally. Many of these Gauchos were presented with first place awards, including Sierra Schmidt and Natalie Labanowski from Casa Grande.