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The Last Todd Standing

The Last Todd Standing

 At Casa Grande High School, there had always been the three Todds. There was Todd Adams,  who taught Physical Science, Todd Creighton who taught Chemistry, and Todd Siders who teaches History. The three Todd’s were favorites of many students across their decades of combined experience. But, since this school year began, Todd Creighton and Todd Adams are no longer working on campus, making Todd Siders, The Last Todd Standing. 

To get to know the last Todd on campus better, Mr. Siders was asked questions from the “Proust Questionnaire.” Thisquestionnaire was invented by the noted French author, Marcel Proust, and these questions are frequently used in interviews.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

“Going rollerblading without falling. Ever. But I’ve only done it twice and only under protest.”

What is your most treasured possession? 

“My security blanket.” 

What is your most marked characteristic? 

“Lack of hair.”

What is your greatest regret?

“In all seriousness, not recognizing the many opportunities that knocked.” 

What talent would you most like to have? 


What do you most value in your friends?


Which words or phrases do you most overuse? 


Outside of basic interview questions though, Siders is a great teacher who is able to easily connect with students through jokes and connections made in class to the real world. Spending time in history class going over current events happening in our society, Todd helps to show where our world is now, as well as teaching about the history of it through writings by philosophers. 

“His teaching style is interesting, and entertaining, and keeps you engaged in the class.” Sophomore Hannah Thors said when asked about Todd’s teaching style. 

Siders has also made friends with many staff members at Casa, having worked with most of them for a long time. Mr. Koene, one of Mr. Sider’s coworkers in the counseling office, had this to say about Todd: 

He’s a legend. I have enjoyed working with Todd since 2008. He’s funny and self-deprecating and wise and has one of the brightest minds on our staff. He respects students and cares deeply about their well-being.  He loves to teach teens and always works hard to inspire and challenge students. Todd has evolved over the years, changing and growing as an educator in order to find new and meaningful ways to connect with students.”

Many students agree that Todd is able to entertain and teach educational, real world things to students that can be a connection between current, and world history as a whole. Todd can create an atmosphere where students are engaged and love to ask questions and learn more about the world. 

Senior Eliza Bell said “I like Todd’s engagement and connection to his students. He takes an unconventional approach to teaching and is not afraid to discuss subjects that most teachers try to steer away from, because it may lead to a debate. Todd constructs civil and lively debates in his classes that teach students what I believe is one of the most important life skills: how to accept and respond to different views and opinions.”

Since Todd is the last Todd teaching on campus, he was asked what he thought about being the last Todd left: “I prefer to think of it as being the only Todd. ‘Last’ makes me feel old. True fact: the year I was born was the highest popularity of my name. Since then, fewer and fewer parents have named their kids ‘Todd.’ Perhaps I will always be the last…,”  Todd replied when asked how he felt about being the last Todd on campus. 

Even though Todd Siders is the only Todd currently teaching at Casa Grande, there is always the possibility of more Todd’s joining the school in the future. At least for now, Todd Siders is…The Last Todd Standing!

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