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Exploring the Timeless Charms of Three of Petaluma’s Staple Stores

Photo by Lauren Ellis

In the heart of Petaluma, California, where history meets modernity, there lies a trio of stores that serve as living repositories of the city’s cultural tapestry: Copperfield’s Books, Angela’s Ice Cream, and Heebe Jeebe. Each store, with its unique charm invites patrons on a journey back in time, offering a nostalgic escape from the hustle and bustle of the present

Since its establishment in 1986, Copperfield’s Books has emerged as a literary sanctuary in the heart of Petaluma, leaving an indelible mark on the community’s social phenomena. Beyond the rows of neatly arranged shelves and the inviting aroma of well-loved books, Copperfield’s has inspired a love for reading among young Petalumans. The bookstore’s commitment to nurturing literary curiosity is reflected in its engaging events and initiatives tailored for the younger generation. 

When entering the store, one is met with a nearly 30 foot long floating dragon—a sneak peek into what the rest of the store holds. Another trademark of the store is its tree mural, located in the teen reading section. This isolated wall post has a comfortable reading area surrounding it. Similarly, the store itself is filled with not only books, but toys, knick-knacks, clothing, cooking wear, stuffed animals and more. One doesn’t need to go to Copperfield’s for just books, they can find cards and other adorable gift options for friends, family, or even just a treat for oneself. 

“I’ve worked at many bookstores throughout my life and Copperfield’s is by far the biggest,” said Mo Figuls, Copperfield’s manager. 

One of Copperfield’s most enchanting offerings is its series of author visits and reading sessions. These events transport young readers into the magical realms of storytelling, where authors bring their narratives to life and spark the imaginations of eager listeners. Patty Norman, a Copperfield’s employee of 20 years and Petaluma resident of 35, organizes these amazing events. Recently, she organized the visit of renowned New York Times reporter Dashka Slater to Casa Grande High School. During her visit, Slater shared about the process of writing her books Accountable and The 57 Bus, both of which are now “banned.” In most cases, Patty is responsible for almost all of the author’s meet and greets Petalumans get to experience so often. On even more special occasions, celebrities will even visit the store.

“Jason Siegel and Ginger from Spice girls were actually here just a few weeks ago. It was pretty crazy seeing how many people came and crowded in the room,” said Mo. 

The intimate setting of Copperfield’s creates a unique connection between the authors and their young audience, fostering a sense of inspiration and wonder that goes beyond the pages of the books themselves.

“The publishers reach out to me, I’ve garnered a reputation for having done this so long,” said Norman.

For many young Petalumans, Copperfield’s Books isn’t just a store; it’s a gateway to new worlds and imaginative adventures. The author visits not only provide insights into the creative process but also instill a personal connection with literature. Meeting authors face-to-face transforms the act of reading into an enlightening experience.

The impact of Copperfield’s on the community’s youth extends beyond the doors of the bookstore. The memories forged during these author visits become cherished moments. The bookstore becomes a place of not just exploration, but a haven of peace and inspiration, where young minds are encouraged to dream and explore the vast landscapes of their imagination.

Copperfield’s Books, with its rich history and commitment to social engagement, has woven itself into the fabric of Petaluma’s identity. This beloved bookstore continues to kindle the flame of literary passion in the hearts of Petalumans, creating a legacy that transcends generations. In the embrace of Copperfield’s, the love of reading becomes a timeless gift.

“It’s just such a social, central place. At Christmas time we get to see all the college kids come home and they are in here chatting,” said Norman.

Next is the sweet haven of Petaluma—Angela’s Ice Cream—which was formerly known as “Lala’s” and has been dishing out scoops of sweet ice cream since 2009. The story behind the name change adds an extra sprinkle of charm. This shop was originally named after the owner’s daughter, Angela, as “Lala’s Ice Cream.” However, they hit a little bump in the store’s life when they wanted to branch out into another location. Turns out, the name “Lala’s” couldn’t be replicated elsewhere, but rather than let that melt their dreams, they embraced the change and rebranded as Angela’s Ice Cream.

For the past decade, Angela’s Ice Cream has been more than an ice cream parlor—it’s been a gathering place for the local crowd. It’s the spot where friends meet up, families create traditions, and even sports teams celebrate victories. The ambiance is as inviting as the ice cream is delicious, making it the go-to place for making memories and savoring the sweetness of life.

“I remember going in with my C.Y.O. basketball team after games, it’s like a better version of going and getting pizza after winning a game,” said Casa Grande senior Sierra Dent.

Whether customers are after a cone to cool down on a sunny day or a sundae to celebrate a special occasion, Angela’s is the place to be. It’s a slice of Petaluma’s charm, where the community comes together to indulge in a little bit of happiness, one scoop at a time. Angela’s Ice Cream isn’t just a spot on the map; it’s a sweet tradition and the heart of frozen delights in Petaluma.

In the heart of downtown Petaluma, there’s a small shop that goes beyond the ordinary—HeeBe JeeBe General Store. This establishment is not just a store; it’s a treasure trove of unique gifts, a celebration of local artisans, and a timeless space that has witnessed generations of shoppers.

What sets HeeBe JeeBe apart is its electric array of gifts, catering to diverse tastes and ages. From locally crafted tote bags that proudly bear the Petaluman touch to internationally acclaimed toys like “JellyCat,” this store is a demonstration of the art of curating a collection that appeals to everyone. The shelves are a kaleidoscope of possibilities, inviting customers to explore and unearth hidden gems that make for the perfect gift.

Stepping inside, shoppers are greeted by a decor that’s as unique as the merchandise. Disco balls dangle from the ceiling, casting playful glimmers of light across the space. But what truly sets HeeBe JeeBe apart is its commitment to keeping the holiday spirit alive year-round. Christmas trees adorned with twinkling lights and festive decorations create a whimsical atmosphere, inviting patrons to experience the merriment of the season no matter the calendar date.

For generations, this quaint store has been a constant in the lives of Petaluma residents, offering an escape into a world of imagination and discovery. The store’s walls have witnessed laughter, shared stories, and the joy of finding that perfect something.

One iconic feature of HeeBe JeeBe is the “Champion” Horse stationed outside, a local treasure that has become a symbol of the store’s lively allure. Children have taken turns atop this beloved horse, sparking countless moments of adolescent bliss. Recently adorned with a fresh look, the Champion Horse continues to be a source of glee for kids and parents alike, symbolizing the funky spirit of HeeBe JeeBe.

“My favorite part about working here is seeing all of the generations come in. Parents will bring their kids, grandparents will bring their grandchildren. It’s just really honoring to be working in such an engaging environment,” said employee Elma Rico.

In a retail landscape dominated by big-box stores, HeeBe JeeBe General Store stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of small, community-focused businesses. It’s a place where the act of shopping transforms into an experience, where each visit is an opportunity to discover something new and unexpected. HeeBe JeeBe is not just a store; it’s a beloved chapter in the story of Petaluma, where the magic of gift-giving and community exploration come together in a truly enchanting way.

While Petaluma is home to many local treasures, these three have made lasting impressions of the citizens of this town. Whether you’re looking for great Christmas presents or a sweet treat, these three stores have everything you need.

All Photos by Lauren Ellis

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