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How to Study for Your Finals

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On December 19th, the Casa Grande finals are going to start. To any students preparing for the exams, here is a study guide to follow in order to hopefully have successful finals! Before beginning, it’s important to remember that every person’s studying methods are different and to choose the one that fits best for yourself.

First of all it is important to start studying early, not a few days before the finals. At least one week so that you have enough time to review what you have learned. But starting late is better than not starting at all, so if you haven’t started yet you better start now!!!

Make a list of what you think will definitely be on the exam, what might be on the exam, and what probably will not be on the exam. If you have a review sheet, review the topics on there because those will be definitely on the test.

Focus on your weak subjects. If you struggled with Spanish, devote more time to that than a subject you think you’ve been good at so far. Starting with your weakest subject also gives you more time to ask your teacher questions.

If you have friends that have the same final exam as you, you should definitely study together. Working on a project with multiple people usually solves the problem faster, also explaining topics to your friends helps you remember them. Also, studying with friends is definitely more fun than when you study alone. 

If you don’t have all the notes and information you need, just do some research on the topic and write your own notes. There are also many instructional videos on YouTube which you can watch that may help you to understand the topic better.

Study your notes taken in class! Rewrite them in your own words. If you are able to do that you most definitely understood them, and if you understood the subject you are more likely to remember it during your final.

Take care of yourself! DON’T pull all nighters and live off junk food. It’s not healthy neither for your body nor your mental health. Also take breaks during your study sessions. A five minute break in between can do wonders.

In the end, it is in your hands how you’re going to study for the finals. So try to give your best and start learning.

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