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Getting Ready for Spring Fling!

Preparations for Spring Fling this Saturday May 4th!

It’s no doubt that a highlight of the high school experience can be attending one of the many school dances. Casa Grande’s next dance, the Spring Fling is coming up this Saturday, May 4th, at Rooster Run. The theme of the dance is “Sadie Hawkins,” which is a popular dance theme where girls ask guys instead of the traditional guys asking girls. 

“ASB has been eagerly waiting for the opportunity to host a Spring Fling, and we believe nothing captures the spirit of the dance quite like ‘Sadie Hawkins.’ Furthermore, we wanted to add a unique twist to the event that would make it an even more memorable event for the students, so we decided it would be fun for the typical person who gets asked to ask the other person. We can’t wait to see everyone’s creative ideas for asking their partners!” said Senior Kayla Elizondo, the committee head of Spring Fling, when she was asked about how ASB decided on the theme.

Although the students that attend the dance can see from the hours of effort ASB students put in from the venue, that doesn’t even amount to half the work that’s gone into the dance. ASB students have been tirelessly planning this event in order to execute a beautiful night for the students to enjoy.

“We have been planning this event since the beginning of the semester. From January to now, we’ve explored various venues, brainstormed ideas, and collaborated as a class to make this event truly unforgettable,” said Elizondo when asked about how long this event has been in the works. 

Students often admire the decorations, food, venue, and music that were set up by ASB, but it is often rare that students truly appreciate the hours of work gone into perfecting everything. Months of researching, managing spending, making decisions, as well as overcoming obstacles as they arise.

When asked what was most challenging about the planning process, Elizondo admitted, “I believe finding a perfect venue that met all our requirements including delicious food, ample capacity, and overall fitting our vision was quite a challenge. Additionally, scheduling the dance was another obstacle we had to overcome as we had to ensure it did not interfere with other school activities and events.”

Many ASB students helped to suggest ideas, plans, and other topics about planning the dance, but the primary decisions were made by a committee. Elizondo, as the head of the committee, held the most amount of responsibility, as she worked alongside the VP of ASB and required faculty. 

“In addition to being well-organized, having a clear vision of what we wanted the dance to look like, and budgeting for the event, booking and evaluating a venue, was a major responsibility. It required faculty, the Vice President of ASB, and the committee head of Spring Fling to tour potential venues and meet with the owners to ensure that they were suitable for our dance,” Elizondo said about the amount of responsibility she held. 

With the amount of hard work and dedication put into this dance, it is sure to be a great night that all the attendees will enjoy. As Elizondo said, “This will be the first Spring Fling Casa has had in 20 years! That being said, ASB has been diligently working to make this event the best kickstart to a returning tradition. We hope everyone is just as excited as we are and has an amazing time!”

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