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Introducing Mr. Neu’s Film Class!


Coming this fall, Casa Grande High School proudly announces the addition of a new and exciting elective to its curriculum: Mr. Neu’s Film Class. Designed to ignite students’ passion for cinema, this comprehensive course will cover the diverse world of movie production and movie appreciation.

Mr. Neu, a seasoned educator here at Casa with a long history of love for the cinematic arts, will lead the course. His vision for the class is to create an immersive environment where students can explore the various aspects of filmmaking, from conceptualization to post-production, while also developing a deep appreciation for the art and history of cinema.

Mr. Neu’s class will mostly dive into the world of movie appreciation. Students will study the evolution of film, exploring significant movements and genres that have shaped the industry. By analyzing classic and contemporary films, they will learn to appreciate the artistic and cultural significance of cinema. This portion of the course will include discussions on film theory, critical analysis, and the societal impact of movies.

“I’m really excited to show them Sunset Boulevard,” said Neu.

A highlight of the class will be the collaborative projects, where students will potentially work in teams to produce their own short films. This practical experience will not only enhance their technical skills but also foster teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. Additionally, Mr. Neu hopes to invite guest speakers from the film industry to share their insights and experiences, bridging the gap between classroom learning and the real world.

“I think it’ll be really fun. I’m hoping to make a relaxing environment where students can appreciate all aspects of film, even in ways they never would think possible,” stated Neu.

Mr. Neu’s Film Class is set to be a transformative experience for Casa Grande High School students. By encouraging students to express their creativity and voice through film, the class will contribute to a vibrant school culture. Whether aspiring to a career in the film industry or simply looking to explore a new artistic medium, or just meet GED requirements, students will find this class to be both challenging and rewarding. 

Enroll in Mr. Neu’s Film Class this fall and become part of a pioneering program that celebrates the magic of movies and the creativity of young minds!

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