The Casa Revista


The Casa Revista is the school magazine of Petaluma’s Casa Grande High School, supervised by adviser Athena Kautsch and produced by the Journalism and Advanced Journalism classes.

To support the Casa Revista magazine and have it mailed to you, send a $50 check to the Gaucho Gazette Newspaper in room R-2, or email [email protected]

Editorial Policy

Freedom of expression and press freedom are fundamental values in a democratic society. The mission of any institution committed to preparing productive citizens must include teaching students these values, both by lesson and by example. For these purposes, as well as to teach students responsibility by empowering them to make and defend their own decisions, school-sponsored student news media, print or online, at Casa Grande High School are established as designated public forums for student expression in which students make all final decisions of content.

Such news media will not be reviewed by school officials outside the adviser in her/his coaching role or restrained by school officials prior to, during, or after publication or distribution.

Therefore, material published in school-sponsored news media may not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the Petaluma City Schools District, and neither school officials nor the school are legally responsible for their content.

Students are protected by and bound to the principles of the First Amendment and other protections and limitations afforded by the U.S. Constitution and the various court decisions reaffirming those principles.

The opinions and editorials of the staff of the Casa Revista reflect the philosophy of the individual writers. They do not reflect that of the adviser or that of the reporters. We have the right to reject any advertisement. Letters to the Revista should be 250 words or fewer, word processed, and signed. Anonymous letters will not be published; however, names will be withheld at the request of the writer. Letters should be sent to room R-2.

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