The Casa Revista

2019-2020 Staff

Taylor Girard


Taylor is a senior who is in her first year in journalism. In her free time, she enjoys reading, taking long walks, and volunteering with Key Club. She hopes to get a degree in computer science in the future.

Miguel Cubrero


Miguel “es nuevo” to the journalism class this year. As our resident Star Wars expert, he can explain all of the intricacies of each story in the original and new trilogy, and while he’s not the “only hope” of the clas...

Fiona Gmeiner


Fiona’s dad used to check people’s smoke alarms before she went to their homes for sleepovers, and it’s this quality that she’s inherited and has led to her friends calling her the “school mom.” She dances ballet, and ...

Sophia Obbagy


When she’s not at Acre coffee, Sophia enjoys design, scrunchies, and working out. She also loves finding hidden treasures when thrifting, and is curious about the field of medicine. She has a fun impulsive streak and enjoys...

Mallak Ali


Mallak is a senior and is a first year journalist. Mallak's skill in world news reporting makes her a very helpful current event resource. Mallak enjoys chilling and grilling in her free time with her fam. 

Ella Davis


Ella Davis, a freshmen, is experiencing her first year in the journalism class. She wants to attend San Diego State, double majoring in English and Journalism. When she has free time, she enjoys going on walks with her dog, writing...

Nick Kassis


Nicholas is a senior and is a first year Journalist. Nicholas is a heath nut to the core. When he's not counting his calories, he can be found playing video games or in the great outdoors. However, his love for both video games...

Annabelle Stuelpe


Don’t let the blonde hair and sweet smile fool you: Annabelle is not your average basic B. Black coffee, blue ink, and dark skies for stargazing are the keys to her soul. Her dad is an English teacher in the district, so she...

Lani Wongkar


Lani is the official bada*s on the staff. When she’s not literally flipping through the air doing parkour or dropping into a pool on her board, she’s rocking out to metal and punk bands at the Phoenix all while maintaining a...

Leticia Manzo


Leticia, a senior, is also the president of MECHA; giving back to the Latino community is of vital importance to her and to this end, she’s one of our lead translators on the staff ensuring our Spanish-speaking students feel ...

Charlie Sabella


Charlie is a junior and this is his first year on staff. When it comes to free time Charlie likes to direct Casa ASB events and hang out with friends. Charlie notes that journalism has been a very eye opening experience to expand...

Zoe Bell


Zoe is a first-year journalist who is also a member of the volleyball and lacrosse teams. When she’s not on campus, she paddles for He’e Nalu. Zoe means “life” in Greek; water sports, staying active, and a weakness for...

Elizabeth Wang


Elizabeth is a Junior and this is her second year on staff. Although she doesn't have much of it, her free time is spent trying to find the perfect coffee-to-milk ratio, baking cookies, or taking pictures. She initially joined...

Emma Hughes


If her house caught on fire, Emma would save her precious books so that Maxon Schreave from The Selection Series would be with her always. And while she loves playing card and board games, she dislikes people who play manipulative ga...

Megan Gauer


Megan may be an identical twin, but she’s definitely her own person. If you want to get on her good side, offerings of La Croix Pamplemousse, compliments on her VSCO account, and a shopping trip to local thrift stores are in o...

Sean Donlan


One of the most commonly used descriptions of someone is they’re a “nice guy.” The thing is, most people really aren’t, and a truly nice person is a rare gem. We have this diamond on the staff and his name is Sean. Sea...

Violet Wang

Reporter, Web Editor

Is that a bird? A plane? A fish? No, it’s just Violet cutting through the water on the varsity swim team! Our Web Editor can also be seen in front of the camera on the Gaucho Weekly Roundup. When she’s not in the pool or main...

Brooke O’Flaherty

Design Editor

Armed with her cosmic artistic talent, Brooke O'Flaherty brings an aesthetic spark to the Revista and serves as the Design Editor. Brooke plans to study computer sceince and the video game industry trembles at the coming tide ...

Andrew Gotshall

Editor In Chief, Broadcast editor, page editor

Andrew is a senior editor in journalism, leading the class along with Lucia Garay. He hopes to hangout with Harry the Husky at Univeristy of Washington in the upcoming year, and perhaps major in buisness. Andrew is best know for...

Kayla Alcorcha

Content Editor, Reporter

Kayla is a senior and this is her second year in journalism. Outside of school, she enjoys reading and spending time outdoors, in addition to writing poetry and prose independently. She joined journalism in hopes of improving...

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