In English

Martin Conteras and Jesus Sanchez

   In theory, surveillance cameras are used to ensure that the public in an area feels safe, protected, and secure. Safety can be viewed in many different ways, all depending on the person. Some feel that they are unnecessary and hate them with a passion, while others love them and feel that they are a crucial part of society that ensures the safety of the public. A common argument that can be made in opposition to security cameras is that they are often deemed an invasion of privacy.

  All that said and taken into consideration, numerous security cameras were installed throughout the campus fairly recently. It’s an interesting and controversial topic for many students and teachers on campus.

   Many students, including junior Zildjian Nicely, have shared their thoughts on the new cameras.

“They are watching someone that comes on campus, like the Florida incident, if they are a threat, they [school administration] can see it and know as quickly as possible know where they are,” said Nicely.

   Assistant principal Stephen Owens explains why the cameras were first put in place.

   “The cameras were put in during the summer. Petaluma High got them as well, and over the last years, there has been there been thousands of dollars in damage done in vandalism to the school. On top of the E wing, air conditioners are broken, and on top of the gym. So the district got money, from security fund for schools, and the Congressional Budget Office asked if we wanted cameras to help prevent vandalism and if there were ways to find who did it. Especially for after-hours and weekends,” said Owens.

  A major problem that has plagued the campus is the constant sound of the fire alarm going off, whether that’s due to someone pulling it as a joke or the occasional inconsiderate teenager who decides to smoke or vape in the school bathrooms.

   Kevin Sittner, a current junior, shares his opinion on whether or not the new cameras will have any impact on these annoying occurrences.

          “I feel they can be very helpful, especially with everyone pulling the fire alarms.[It can also] help identify people rather then having to hear other people’s speculations about it [problems],” said Sittner.

  Security cameras are and most likely always will be a very controversial topic in society due to all the repercussions and fear surrounding people privacy. Other cultures and societies around the world have different views, thoughts, and rules on security cameras. A study conducted by journalist resources showed that surveillance cameras decrease 51 percent of crime in parking lots, 7 percent in city centers and public housing communities and 23 percent in areas of a public transit system.    

   Whether you are a fan of these new security precautions or not, the reality is that they are now a part of the campus and the students and administration will have to adapt to the fact that they are always been watched. Whether they will be a help or a hindrance is still to be determined.