HoCo Spirit Week Roundup

Maya Bjostad

The week of the 18th through the 22nd began the second spirit week of the year. It was also the week of the Homecoming football game and dance. This week’s spirit days started with “Anything but a Backpack Day”, followed by “Decades Day”, “Pink Out” for breast cancer awareness, “Cozy Day”, and “Color by Class” to end the week. 

Nyriah Murray, Kylie Carlomagno, and Ava Naworski came to school on Monday with “Anything but a Backpack” (Photo by Leah and Maya Bjostad)

The first day of spirit week was “Anything but a Backpack Day”.  Students that participated in this spirit day brought a variety of items to transport their school supplies including bins, coolers, laundry baskets, grocery bags, carts, target baskets and even trash cans. This was a new spirit day that let everyone think outside the box when trying to pack their daily supplies for school. This day was filled with laughter and creativity as students carried around unique items other than a backpack. 

Angelica Summary and Addison Crawford-Scott dressed for Decades Day. (Photo by @CasaRevista)

The next day was Tuesday, “Decades Day”. Each grade was able to dress up as a different decade including the fifties for the freshman, sixties for the sophomores, seventies for the juniors, eighties for the seniors, and twenties for the teachers and staff. People that dressed as their decade wore glasses, fun patterned pants and jackets, headbands, and dresses that represented the various years of fashion.

Hermine Heier and Luke Desenberg dressed in pink for “Pink Out” (Photo by Photo Cred: Daniela Maldonado)

Wednesday was “Pink Out” for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Everyone dressed in pink shirts, jackets, pants, and socks that showed much support for this spirit day.

Juniors Heather Burggraf and Jessica Martinez are dressed in their comfy, cozy clothes for “Cozy Day” (Photo by Maya Bjostad)

Thursday was “Cozy Day”. People wore their comfiest clothes to school including sweat pants, warm jackets, pajamas, and slippers.

Maura Caldwell and Ashika Balakumaran dressed in orange for the Junior Class (Photo by Maya Bjostad)

Finally, Friday was “Color by Class”. The freshman dressed in all green, the sophomores in yellow, the juniors in orange, and the seniors in pink. Each class dressed up wearing their color in hats, sunglasses, necklaces, and their color by class shirts.

As the week ended, many students enjoyed being able to participate in these spirit days. Week two of dressing up was a success and Gaucho students and staff are looking forward to more spirit weeks in the future.