Fall Fashions Into Action

New York Fashion Week has completely turned convention on its head by focusing on simple, affordable street style fashion for the everyday person. The trends being introduced are unique, attention-getting and on point; say goodbye to cliché looks and say hello to fresh new styles. New York Fashion Week has become more accessible and inclusive than ever before, featuring plus-size models and the integration of J.Crew’s grand casting of “real people” in its newest collection. The American way of fashion has been presented to the fashion industry in a unconventional way, leading to much critique from popular fashion magazines. Another point of criticism was the faux pas of the great and stunning Kylie Jenner wearing a white silk Do-Rag on her head, driving the fashion industry into madness. Merveilleux! Street Style fashion is the overall theme for New York Fashion Week, with the Ready-To-Wear collections given to us by astounding and talented fashion designers this year.

   Womenswear and Menswear collections this year are by famous American fashion brands, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Alexander Wang, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Jeremy Scott, Victoria Beckham, and more. These designers have given the motivation to pull on our finest apparel, putting out collections for people of all genders to enjoy.

   The most popular and hottest, unisex collection trends on the go for New York Fashion Week are: the smooth, satin and sheen bomber jackets. When Gucci introduced the first embroidered bomber jackets in the Pre-Fall 2016 fashion show, the American fashion industry took this into great consideration and established bomber jackets as the new look. Various stores and markets have been selling bomber jackets after this hit in the industry and have become extremely popular ever since. A basic cousin of the bomber jacket itself is the hoodie. The hoodie is very basic and has no style to it; unfortunately, it made its way as a trend — but at least it wasn’t stylized in too preposterous a way. This piece of clothing can be bought for a mere $10, but famous high fashion brands will try to take all your money by selling it as a classic piece of clothing.

The womenswear trends for this fall are quite delightful and exciting. Even though most of them are too exorbitant and grandiose for  everyday activities, there are some stylish trends you would totally want to wear at school. For example, the nostalgic leather jackets that take everyone back to the 50’s are back in the market. It’s been a long time since leather jackets became trendy, but they are still a classic in the industry. They are quintessential and versatile, drawing attention wherever they are. Originally, Greaser boys may have used this article of clothing to build up an imposing image, but now women are laying claim to it as well. Timberland shoes for women have been an absolute yes for street style fashion for a long time. Unfortunately, they have lost their charm, being so overused, and honestly, some styles were never that extraordinary in the first place. Their durability and rugged style are the only reasons they have stayed a trend this long. Another high priced clothing item from the runway is the off-the-shoulder tops with their varied distinct styles and provocative appearance. To complete this look, they are often combined with a statement choker. These chokers also have very diverse designs and give an edgy vibe to your whole outfit. This trend has been overused, but it still keeps its place as one of the most common accessories for everyday outfits worn at school.

   Menswear is a difficult category to talk about, because of some unspoken social restrictions as well as expectations for something exciting and new. There aren’t many wearable trends for men right now but there is still a few rare trends. Stripes are becoming a big deal in street style fashion for its plain aesthetic presentation but also its finest geometric shape. Stripes were brought into mainstream fashion 150 years ago when one of the best French fashion designers, Coco Chanel, wore a striped top after she was inspired heavily by some sailors while on a trip to the French Riviera. Soon she would take the stripes into mainstream making it very popular in France. Even artists like Pablo Picasso, famous 50s movie stars like Audrey Hepburn, and singers like Kurt Cobain have worn striped t-shirts or tops. Stripes are a trend men should really think about being a part of. Although it may not see like the most exciting piece of clothing, it is very casually stylish shirt that is affordable. Chinos have also made a comeback this season and should be worn in the fall, since they are made with fabrics to keep you cool during the warm weather. An interesting trend that also came out during New York Fashion Week is the Sports Chic look. The Sports Chic look is when you wear neat sports-related clothing that is ready to be paired with some chic clothing. The Sports Chic look makes you feel clean, stylish and modern, making it a good choice to upgrade to.

   Overall, these trends were taken into careful consideration to ensure they can be something the everyday person can wear and feel confident in as well. Overall, New York Fashion Week has been designed with everyone in mind, showing that fashion is for everyone, not just the elite.