“Sounds of Casa” Student Performances Debut

Starting in early April, many students applied to perform in the newly introduced Sounds of Casa, that took place in the OLE or NMU every Wednesday at lunch. The first few performances began on April 5, and the last show took place on April 25. Each of the four different days had a theme: singing, spoken word, classical, and rock. Each day revealed the talents of the school’s students, from singing to playing the ukulele to poetry.

Sophomore Chase Moser played the ukulele and sang “We Don’t Believe What’s on TV” by Twenty-One Pilots. In addition to filling out an application, a short video was required before any students were allowed to perform. Moser remembers the application and audition process.

“I joined because I’ve always loved performing and I saw an opportunity to perform, so I took it. I went on the website, followed the link, followed the instructions, and applied. I had to send in a minute-long video, kind of like a trial of whatever it is I would be doing,” said Moser.

The students in the talent show have the opportunity to show the school their dedication to their preferred medium. Some students prepare for a performance by practicing for days; others had different methods. Sophomore Molly Zhou recalls the work put into her performance for the Sounds of Casa.

“I’ve been playing piano for ten years and I haven’t really been able to showcase this talent because there hasn’t been many opportunities, so I thought it would be really cool to do it in front of all my friends at a school in a very welcoming environment,” said Zhou.

Both performers did not expect such a large crowd to go the OLE and NMU to see the Sounds of Casa Grande. The small turnout for other music-based activities lowered audience predictions. Moser   talks  about  his  expectations of  the  school  talent  show.

“I was very happy with the turnout. I expected a lot less people to show up. The most recent music played in the OLE area is the jazz performance last year, and I remember that not having a huge turnout. I didn’t expect anything really,” said Moser.

Deciding to perform in front of an audience of any size, whether it’s singing or playing an instrument, can be highly intimidating. Students who performed in the talent show had to overcome their nerves, but most had a good time. Zhou shares her overall take from her performance and gives a few words of advice to anyone thinking or wanting to join in the future.

“It was just a cool experience; I enjoyed it. I would just say to take this opportunity, especially if you play an instrument [that] you don’t have many opportunities to show all the work [you’ve] accomplished through the years. It really lets them get to know you better,” said Zhou.

The Sounds of Casa was a great success in revealing all the talent the school holds and is on its way to become a yearly tradition for the school. Students now have a fun, positive environment to show the products of their hard work to their classmates.