Two Sides of the Same Country – Issue #2


“Stethoscope” by a.drian is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

The inability to pay for healthcare is one of the leading reasons citizens file for bankruptcy in the United States. While this is a huge problem for the pockets of the people, there is no straightforward answer for how to fix this problem.

During Obama’s presidency, he set up systems in place to help the people. The first was called Medicare, which is meant to help people of low income, and the second was Medicaid, which was meant for the elderly. While the implementation of these programs made a lot of people thrilled, it also caused a lot of anger for others. This anger stems from feelings of unfairness as middle class citizens feel that they have been wronged with their tax money being spent to pay for someone else to have healthcare while they on the other hand have to pay for their own.

Most Republicans are against these systems; funding more healthcare related items is cumbersome for officials. This is because the government has a limited amount of money to spend each year, and Medicare and Medicaid take up a good chunk of that money that could be spent in other places that they feel needs to be prioritized. A lot of Republicans in the government also want to be representatives of the working class, and if their people feel that they are being treated unfairly, they are going to make their disapproval loud. 

Another reason Republicans are not in favor of free healthcare is because of the United States’ rising debt. The national debt is in the trillions and it keeps growing, so some representatives are reluctant to spend money on healthcare that the United States doesn’t even have. On the other hand, Democrats are major proponents of free healthcare because they want people to have access to a system in which they can go to the doctor’s when they feel something isn’t quite right instead of worrying about racking up debt. 

On the economics side of things, Democrats want free healthcare because it would increase productivity in the workforce by making people feel safer and not constantly worried about the debts they have racked up. While some people think Republicans are not morally correct on this subject, fiscally, they tend to think about problems that address how logistics would work in the long run. 

No side is right and no side is wrong, but these two ways of thinking keep our country in balance making sure we don’t tip too far to one side for too long.