My Road to Success


   What are your plans after graduating from high school? It’s an extremely common question directed towards young teens everyday. Most answer with college. I’ve been asked since even before I entered high school but mostly right now that I’m almost halfway through junior year and honestly, I’m tired of it. Not at the people asking, it’s flattering that they take interest in my life and future plans. However it’s the idea of it being set as a norm in society, you don’t go–society frowns upon you. I believe everyone has the capacity to attend college and earn their college degree, but there are people who simply won’t because of their attitude towards it.

   The idea is if there’s no college degree then you’ll be flipping burgers at Burger King for the rest of your live. But there is many job opportunities that don’t require a college degree and pay well too for people who feel college is a waste of time and money or they really don’t want to attend. Postmasters and mail superintendents only require a high school diploma paying an annual wage of $70,000. The list for these jobs go on: power-plant operators, commercial pilots, detectives and criminal investigators, radiation therapists, nuclear technicians, and many more. Another possible option is starting a business, it could transform into something big. Apprenticeships also don’t require a college degree and you get to learn a trade in an in-demand field from experienced professionals. Enrolling in the military has many benefits as well: learning online with a paid tuition, free health etc. If a person doesn’t attend college or drop before they earn a degree, it doesn’t mean they have failed in life or won’t be successful. There are plenty of opportunities and it’s okay to explore them instead of being tied to an idea that one may not believe in.

   College is great, stressful, but a goal of mine. Actually my second goal. When someone asks me the question I always answer with a 4 year university, hopefully Berkeley, yet I still have that small hope of being a published author before that. I see it more often in social media, young girls being published before they’re 18. Although my chances are slim if it were to happen to me, I’d drop out of school and focus on my writing. It’s what I love and if I can be successful with it, this alternative is better for me than obtaining a college degree.