Moon Knight Review


Moon Knight is a new series on Disney Plus with episodes coming out every Wednesday. It is based off of the Marvel Comics titled Werewolf By Night number 32. The show’s audience is rated TV-14 and is action packed with some violence, sudden scares, and twists and turns. Taking on the small screen of Disney, this marvel series takes on a much darker persona where you can steam wherever and whenever. 

This fantasy series came out with its first episode on March 30, 2022. 

The compelling series had an intriguing beginning where a man shatters a drinking glass and then puts it in his shoes and steps into it. This unusual start already had me wondering what is next. 

Steven Grant is the main character and works at a gift shop in London. 

In my opinion, the show started off a little slow by just telling the story of Grant’s life. But there was a twist that kept me guessing who this character really is. Grant had ankle restraints which left unanswered questions about his life where he can’t fall asleep or something will happen to him. I will leave the watchers questioning where Grant ends up in his nightmares. 

This thrilling show examines the parallels of “good” and “evil” of this alternate chaos in his mind.

When Grant awakes, time has moved on without him and he sits confused in his own nebulous world. The only thing that can protect Grant is this Egyptian scarab that leaves others suffering. 

However, there is a catch. Grant cannot die in his nightmares and the first episode shows an action packed, tumultuous ride through his dreams and his personal shadow. 

I did find the first episode a little confusing trying to connect everything together, but it leaves a hidden mystery and will keep you guessing what will happen next. Furthermore, the dramatics with lighting, echoing voices, a fantastical monster, and a man named Aurthur create this gripping thrill. This is definitely a series that will keep people wondering, including myself. Are you interested in watching?