Lights Out


Photo by Owen Davis

On Thursday, Dec. 1, 2022 at Casa Grande and Sonoma Mountain High School, there was an unforeseen electrical malfunction with the onsite power system, causing school to be canceled for two days.

In the morning of that Thursday, students received a notification by email of the cancellation at 7:56 a.m. Students with zero periods who arrived earlier were instructed to return home.

District staff and electricians were sent in to attempt to fix the problem. Meanwhile, email updates were sent out to students and parents of Casa Grande to keep the student body informed of the ongoing problem.

A tremendous thank you to our district staff who worked tirelessly to make that happen, and to the Casa teachers and staff for their patience and support

— Dr. Ostermann

An email to parents and students was sent out acknowledging that they will likely need to use two Emergency School Make-Up Days – April 6 and April 7 – during the second week of Spring Break.

This electrical issue at Casa Grande caused the JV & Varsity Boys Basketball game to be canceled. Kenilworth Junior High School initially offered to host the game instead, but later rescinded this offer a few hours after.

Power was restored over the weekend and students were able to return to school on Monday, Dec. 5 with most of the school’s power having been restored. The M-Wing’s primary electrical system remained offline from the rest of the grid and was powered by a large diesel generator during school hours.