Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month


Photo by Estrella González

Students signing-up for MEChA club

In the United States, from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, Americans recognize the contributions and achievements of Hispanic Americans throughout our country’s history. 

In 1968, Hispanic Heritage week was established under President Lyndon Johnson, but President Ronald Reagan transformed it into a 30-day celebration. It was officially introduced as a law on August 17, 1998. 

The beginning and ending dates of the celebration were not chosen without thought. Many significant Latin countries celebrate their independence during the months of September and October. Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua all celebrate their independence on September 15; Mexico’s independence day falls on September 16, and September 18 is Chile’s independence day.  

Here on campus, the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month takes place throughout the entirety of the school year, not just in September and October. The MEChA club is one of the more popular clubs on campus. Estrella González, the president of the MEChA club, clearly understands the functions of the club. 

“The overall purpose of MEChA is to promote the history, activism, and education within the Latinx/Chicana community focusing on the diversity of our cultures,” said González. 

Although the celebration of a specific ethnic group may be viewed as isolated, González claimed the club’s goals center around the community.

“We hope to encourage others to join the club to get closer to the community and get a better understanding of what is possible when we all work together,” said González. 

The MEChA club is not just for students with Latin roots. The more diverse the club is, the better they can educate Casa’s community about a variety of history and cultures.

“As the MEChA club has many people from different backgrounds, we are trying to focus on educating others of the diversity within the cultures,” said González. 

Overall, the M.E.Ch.A. club celebrates diversity within our community and is a great way to form strong friendships.