Color by Class Dance Kicks off School Year


Neon Themed Dance with free glow sticks for the Color by Class Dance.

After a long week of heat waves and high temperatures, Gauchos enjoyed their first dance of the year on Sept. 9, 2022. The dance wrapped up the end of spirit week on Color by Class Day, as the school dressed up in their neon spirit. Freshmen donned their green, sophomores sported yellow, juniors flashed their neon orange, and seniors dominated in pink. 

Doors of the dance opened at 6:30 in the evening, and the line was absolutely packed. Notably, the line was filled with a sea of green and yellow spirit. Casa’s freshmen and sophomores were definitely excited for their first dance of the year. Cowboy hats and tutus were favorite accessories of the underclassmen as they showed their spirit with pride. 

Freshman Lila Rader and friend Natalie Bell expressed their excitement, exclaiming “This is epic!” 

The dance was held in the gym, making the event Casa Grande’s first in-gym dance since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The doors remained open for ventilation and sanitizer was readily available. ASB took it to the extra mile by decorating the gym with class signs, balloons, and string lights. A free photobooth and free glow stick station was also featured, students had a great time posing with props and showing off their glow sticks. 

An initially light turnout grew to a busier crowd as the music blared. DJs – and Casa Grande Seniors – Amanda Almond, Emely Rosales, and Stella Conroy from ASB ensured that crowd favorites and party classics played throughout the night. Song requests were available, and a variety of music sparked dance circles and great vibes in the energetic mosh pit . 

Outside the gym, an area for games and refreshments provided a breath of fresh air from the dance. Students enjoyed cornhole and an ASB-run snack bar that supplied cookies, candy, drinks, and fresh popcorn. This outdoor area was perfect for students who did not prefer the crowds and music, but still wanted to enjoy time with friends. 

ASB added an incentive to the night, and announced that the best dancers of the crowd would receive a Crumbl cookie as a prize. The competition was fierce, many students brought out their best moves and cheered each other on. By the end of the night, senior Tessa Bordi and junior Austin Talbot made a lasting impression and won the prizes. 

The dance was the best way to end the week, especially after the rally cancellation due to extreme heat the day before. Getting all of the students together for a night of dancing and fun was the best way to start the year. 

Assistant Principal Luis Garza, who was chaperoning the event, thought the dance was a great idea, saying, “It’s great to see everyone hanging out, getting to know each other, loosening up as the night goes on.” 

ASB did a great job preparing Friday’s Color by Class Dance. Decorations, snacks, and music all contributed to the night, and the dance was definitely a team effort. Though the turnouts for first dances are usually sparse, our Gauchos brought the energy to the dance floor and the vibe was spirited and bright. With a crowd like Friday’s, Homecoming Spirit Week and the Homecoming Dance are sure to be a hit in the weeks to come.

Senior ASB Students played all the crowds favorite hits as they were the DJs for the evening.
Students hit the dance floor for some neon colored dancing.
Juniors enjoyed posing for the photobooth.
Seniors decked out in pink struck a pose for the photobooth.
Freshmen enjoyed the free photobooth.
Sophomores cooled off outside.
Seniors came fully decked out representing their PINK color by class.
Decorations included sparkling lights and glow in the dark apparel.
Photobooth poses
An outdoor area was set up with a snack stand and outdoor games.
Waiting in line turned with a sea of Green.
Students enjoyed outdoor activities, including cornhole.
Casa Grande students starting to hit the dance floor.