Behind the Curtains of Spirit Week


Photo by Owen Davis

“It’s all about bringing people together and creating excitement for Casa pride,” said  Analisa Ciolino, one of the committee leaders of the Spirit Group. Analisa, along with 5 other committed ASB students, came together to create a week full of fun, creative, and on-theme spirit days to rally the school together! The Homecoming theme — Once Upon a Time — inspires the choices for the 2022-2023 homecoming spirit days: Sleeping Beauty Day, Dress As Your True Love, Twin Day, Enchanted Forest Day, and Respect Your Queen Day (pink out for breast cancer awareness). These days created excitement towards the main event of Homecoming, which happened Saturday, October 8th. 

Behind the curtains of ASB, a lot goes into the decisions made for the school, including spirit. You need to choose something fun, accessible, interesting, and school appropriate. Although it can be difficult to work with other people sometimes, ASB works hard to please the majority of the student population along with the staff and administration. Every idea has to be approved on multiple levels; they are decided and voted on by the committee of students, then run by Mrs. Pisciotta, the new ASB Coordinator, and finally run through the administration or district leaders. Although some ideas do get denied, this process ensures safe and appropriate content for Casa Grande students to enjoy.

The final part of ASB Spirit Week was the sheer amount of advertising and promotion that occurred. Along with social media posts, daily announcements, and reminders via email, leadership students go face to face with classes to promote these spirit days ahead of time. Spirit days are a great way to raise excitement around the school and the more people that participate, the better. Mina, another member of the spirit committee, stated her opinion on the campus’ most attended spirit day: “Pink out was the best day of the week; it is always popular and we love to see students go all out to support breast cancer awareness.” And it is true, everyone on campus can feel the sense of enthusiasm radiating through school on these exciting and fun spirit days. So, remember Gauchos: go all out and show your Gaucho Pride.