Opening Your Door to Find a Criminal Living Inside


Photo by Owen Davis

A Petaluma woman arrived at her home on Draco Drive to find the deadbolt on her door latched and an unknown woman inside asking “Hi, who are you?”. This case is one of the many house break-ins across Sonoma Country over the last two months. A spike in a historically low crime rate has been following a downward trend for the last twenty years.  

This spike is most apparent in Petaluma, where the residential break-in rate has doubled since June according to the Petaluma Police Department. Local police have taken action by increasing patrols, warning residents, and investigating potential subjects with prior property crime violations. They have urged residents to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity immediately.

One specific area of concern for the community is the recent closure of the Adobe Creek Golf Course. Due to its declining popularity, the owners of the course were forced to shut it down which has left many areas of the course dried out and abandoned. 

Despite warnings from authorities and signs indicating that the area is off-limits, many individuals continue to trespass and engage in activities on the grounds. This is stressed as potentially harmful and a gateway to further crimes, specifically for the homeowners on the Adobe Creek Golf Course, considering the recent spike in the crime rate in Sonoma County. 

There is not one reason specifically why the crime rate in Sonoma County has risen this year. However, the Petaluma community is remaining strong and watchful during this time, putting forth efforts to eliminate crime before it begins.