Meet Casa’s New Principal: Mrs. Bridges!


On Tuesday, April 25, 2023, at a Special School Board meeting at the Petaluma City Schools District Offices, the new principal of Casa Grande High School was introduced to the Petaluma community. Beginning in the 2023-2024 school year, Casa Grande High School will have a new principal: Mrs. Christina Bridges. 

Bridges’ passion for education started at a young age and has since driven her success in this field.

Starting as a high school English teacher over ten years ago; she was inspired by one of her own teachers – Miss Gray – to encourage, empower, and support her students in ways that will help them reach their fullest potential. 

This philosophy of encouragement, empowering, and supporting is at the core of her intentions and paradigm as an administrator and will continue to follow her as she moves into the principal position.

As this school year winds down and preparations for the next begin, Bridges’s vision for this next upcoming school year follows that of her teaching philosophy. 

“My vision for next year is to work to bring people together; to form genuine connections and improve relationships,” says Bridges. 

She hopes to create highly accessible and affordable opportunities for all students to participate in and to foster a sense of community. Through empowerment, encouragement, and support, Bridges hopes to keep building and strengthening the sense of community that makes Casa Grande such a special place. 

Highlighting student accomplishments and incorporating student voices into the decision making process are at the forefront of her goals: “I want to celebrate students; highlighting the great achievements and ensuring that we all are supportive and collaborative members of the Casa community.”

Bridges also intends to listen to the wealth of knowledge from teachers at Casa when instituting changes: “I think by providing many venues and opportunities to hear what various stakeholders are thinking and feeling, I can best determine next steps and a course of action for change.” 

Honesty is also something that she holds in high regard. If there is a problem or something that is not working, Bridges hopes that through a strong sense of community with valuable and meaningful relationships those problems can be resolved. 

Bridges, as a raised Sonoma County resident as well as a long time Petaluma resident, truly sees and admires the special and unique place that Casa is. “Being a principal is a very challenging job and requires a lot of dedication and effort. I would not put myself in this role for any school other than Casa,” says Bridges. 

As an assistant principal for the past four years, she has had time and opportunities to experience and become immersed in the Casa community. 

“We have so many amazing programs from culinary to hatchery to band, and our academics and the achievement of students happening in classrooms is uplifting. I am constantly re-energized when I experience all the amazing things that our school offers.”

Bridges is thrilled and honored to take on this role and is truly ready to strengthen and grow the sense of community that Casa Grande inhibits. 

Go Gauchos!