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Valentine’s Day: Love Beyond Gifts

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Two big holidays, Christmas and New Year’s, have recently passed, and we are already approaching the next one fast. This year, Valentine’s Day lands in the middle of the week on a Wednesday. Many are excited to surprise their significant others with fancy dinners and expensive gifts. Others are preparing to sit inside and treat themselves to a nice movie and dinner alone. However, there are plenty of other options, compared to paying a large sum for a fancy kind of meat or a fool’s gold necklace. 

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While many people are out at fancy restaurants, another good option could be cooking at home with your loved ones. Just a few candles and red tablecloths can make a normal home dinner special. Or, if a fancy restaurant sounds appealing, make sure to book early because finding seating on the night of the 14th without a reservation will be close to impossible. A freshman, Bella Woldemar, says, “I like to spend my Valentine’s Day inside. Mainly because I don’t have money, but also because it’s so crowded.” A home-cooked meal, or even picking up food and setting it up at home can be also special. It’s a night for yourself, or you and your favorite person or people.

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On that topic, some people will also spend a lot on gifts for their partners. While pretty necklaces and rings are nice to look at, they aren’t necessary for showing your love. Just giving a simple card, especially a home-made card, can brighten someone’s day. Making your partner’s favorite dinner, then watching their favorite movie or show on the couch with their favorite snack is also a great way to show that you appreciate and love them. A sophomore, Callie Johnson, says, “I love Valentine’s Day because I get free chocolate.” The smaller, simple things can show someone just how much they mean to you. 

On the other hand, if there isn’t a special person in your life, you can swap the roles and make it a special night for yourself. Get your favorite take-out or create your best homemade dish, while watching your favorite movie with all the snacks you want. A good friend can turn the day into a good memory as well. Go out to your favorite places and spend the day together. A hike or a day at the beach is another great way to get out of the house and be active on a day you would typically stay at home. Spending the day with family is also relaxing and can turn into a fun evening of delicious food, games, and movies.

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There are many ways to spend Valentine’s Day, either alone or with people. Whether you have a significant other or not, the day can be special without spending a lot of money. Not everyone needs an extravagant dinner at a big fancy restaurant, paired with boxes of the most expensive jewelry you can find. A humble card paired with a relaxing night in can be a gift all on its own. Even homemade necklaces or bracelets can be nice, as a gift from the heart. The best gifts are the ones that come from within, whether they are given to a lover, friend, or family member. Valentine’s Day is meant to be spent with those you cherish and love, not for you to spend anything on them. After all, a day to be loose and easygoing with the person or people of your choosing is a gift on its own. And gifts like that, from the heart, are some of the best to give.

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