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California’s Latest Laws

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On January 1, 2024, a list of new laws and rights was implemented here in California. Let’s go over some of these new laws that may affect you and the people you know.

1. Jobs – For many high school students, new laws in the workplace can be very important and change their relationship with their jobs.

  • SB 616: Increases sick time for all full and part-time workers from three days to a minimum of five paid sick days a year.
  • AB 1228: Increases the minimum wage for fast-food employees to $20 an hour in April of 2024. This law also establishes a council that will be in place for five years determining the wage for fast food workers.
  • SB 848: Requires employers to provide five days of leave to employees who suffer a reproductive loss. These include miscarriage, stillbirth, unsuccessful adoption, unsuccessful embryo transfer, or artificial insemination.
  • AB 1740: Requires childcare facilities and other pediatric care facilities to post information, such as posters and flyers, about human trafficking and slavery.
  • AB 2188 and SB 700: AB 2188 makes it illegal for an employer to discriminate or penalize an employee based on their use of cannabis outside of their work. SB 700, passed in 2023, makes it illegal for an employer to ask a job applicant if they’ve used cannabis.
  • SB 497: Allows employees to discuss wages with colleagues, inquire about their coworkers’ wages, and complain about their wages to employers. Employers are not allowed to retaliate against their workers for any of these reasons.

2. Housing – The housing crisis is a very prevalent issue in California, having one of the highest homeless populations per capita in the U.S. Although just a few laws will not resolve this crisis, hopefully they can give some relief to those in California and our Casa community.

  • SB 407: The California Department of Social Services has to modify its foster parents’ vetting process to ensure that LGBTQ+ youth are placed in homes that are gender-affirming and supportive of their identity.
  • AB 12: Prohibits landlords from charging over one month’s rent for a security deposit.
  • AB 1418: Prohibits cities and counties from creating ordinances that require or suggest penalties, or even eviction, if a tenant or a family member had an interaction with law enforcement or was convicted.

3. Transit – Transit laws affect everyone on a daily basis, whether you are a pedestrian, driver, or bicyclist. Here are some new transportation laws that you should be aware of:

Photo by Angelica Summary
  • AB 413: Prohibits vehicles from stopping or parking within 20 feet of a marked or unmarked crosswalk, or 15 feet from a curb extension. Drivers will only get warnings in 2024 for any violations, but citations can be issued starting in 2025.
  • AB 436: Prohibits cities and counties from adopting laws that ban cruising on city streets. It also ensures vehicles that have been modified to be a certain height will not be made illegal.
  • AB 645: The cities of Glendale, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose are allowed to install speed cameras. Cities are required to put up signs warning drivers they could get ticketed if they don’t slow down before approaching the cameras.
  • AB 1909: This is a provision of a law that has been in effect since 2023, but it will allow bicyclists to cross a street when a pedestrian signal is activated instead of having to wait for a green light.

4. Purchases – As consumers in California, we all know how expensive everything is. These new laws aim to help us save money and make more budget-friendly decisions.

  • SB 244: Requires manufacturers of electronics and home appliances to provide consumers and repair shops with the parts, tools, and documentation needed to service or repair the device. It is called “The Right to Repair Act” and takes effect in July.
  • SB 644: Allows consumers to cancel a hotel or short-term rental reservation in California within 24 hours after the reservation is confirmed without penalty. The reservation must be made at least 72 hours before check-in.
  • SB 478: Prohibits hidden fees that don’t appear until you are about to finalize a purchase online. Starting July 1st, the law requires websites and apps to display the true cost of an item or service. These include lodging, tickets for live events, and food delivery fees.

5. Internet – The internet and social media are something that almost all teenagers interact with every day. These new laws aim to provide better privacy and have more control over a person’s information on the internet.

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  • Proposition 24: The California Consumer Privacy Act will finally take effect in March of 2024 after having been approved in 2020. It establishes standards for the collection, retention, and use of personal data and allows users to prevent businesses from selling or sharing their data.
  • AB 587: Originally approved in 2022, the law requires social media companies to disclose their policies on hate speech and misinformation. This year, social media companies will be required to provide regular reports to the state on how they responded to violations of their terms of service and any enforcements that were taken.
  • SB 60: The public can seek a court order against a social media company requiring them to remove content that offers to sell, provide, or give away a controlled substance that is in violation of state law.
  • SB 362: The California Delete Act will give consumers more control over their data. The law requires that data brokers register with the California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA). The CPPA will establish a system that consumers can use to have all data brokers delete their personal information by 2026.

6. Education – As high school students, education and college are at the forefront of many of our minds. These new laws will affect all students who attend college in California and one will affect high schools as well.

  • AB 607: Requires California Community Colleges and California State Universities (CSU) to be transparent on the estimated cost of course materials and fees for their classes. The compliance of University of California (UC) campuses is voluntary.
  • AB 1138: Requires that California colleges and universities provide transportation for students that is free and anonymous to and from sexual assault treatment centers that offer sexual assault forensic exams.
  • AB 2282: Increases the penalties for people who use hate symbols. This law bans these symbols, such as swastikas, nooses, or desecrated crosses, in schools, cemeteries, places of worship, workplaces, private property, public spaces, and facilities.
  • SB 808: Requires the CSU system to submit a report on the investigations and outcomes of sexual harassment complaints that are due by the 1st of December of each year. They are required to include how many complaints resulted in investigations and how long it took for the investigation to be completed.

7. Nature – For all the nature lovers, there are a couple of new laws that will affect camping and our state symbols.

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  • AB 261: The California Golden Chanterelle is now recognized as the official state mushroom of California. This mushroom is native to California and can be found growing near live oak trees.
  • AB 618: Increases financial penalties for people who are no-shows to a reserved campground at a state park or beach. Cancellations made within two to six days of the reservation will cost one day’s lodging, but those who cancel within 24 hours or don’t show up for their stay will have to pay the entirety of their reserved stay.




The effects of the laws listed here and the many more that were not will surely change the way we Californians will live our lives, but only time will tell the benefits or the drawbacks of these laws.


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